Aleksi Eeben

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Aleksi Eeben (Heatbeat)
Other names Antti Aleksi Mikkonen (changed his name to Aleksi Eeben in 1995)
Heatbeat (ex handles: HB, HBT, Andre, Sepi, Luca, Eino Leino, Peggy, A.Mikkonen, A. Mikkonen)
Birth date July 2, 1976
Birth place Kajaani, Finland
Death date
Residence Suvisaaristo - Espoo, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Known for Selected works
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Aleksi Eeben is known as a musician and demoscene activist, and his output includes numerous programs and games made primarily for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20. The most well known of them are Greenrunner (2006), which won the Game Over(view) and Freestyle Jam competitions, and Redrunner, which was published at a Stream party in 2007. RGCD re-published the games in collaboration with Psytronik Software in 2012 on a cartridge, disk, and tape. The cartridge version also includes an improved Plus version of the Retroskoi synthesizer (Retroskoi+).


Greenrunner / Redrunner (Disk)
Greenrunner / Redrunner (Tape)

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