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Apogee BK-01 or Apogey BK-01 (Russian: Апогей БК-01) is a Soviet 8-bit personal computer built on the Radio 86RK basis. It was in a serial production since 1988. Its later version Apogee BK-01C (Апогей БК-01Ц) featured the colour support.


  • Microprocessor: KR580VM80A (КР580ВМ80А)
    • Clock speed: 1.78 MHz
  • Memory: 64 kB
    • including 56.25 kB user-available RAM,
    • 4 kB ROM
  • Video: KR580VG75 (КР580ВГ75) + KR580VT57 (КР580ВТ57)
    • Text mode only (with pseudographics available in the character generator). The character generator is not software-changed.
    • Colour: 1 bit (b/w), with character highlighting modes using brightness enhancement and/or twinkling and/or inversion.
    • Video mode 1: Visible area 64×25 characters, 6×8 pixels each.
    • Video mode 2: Visible area 64×50 characters, 6×4 pixels each (or 192×128 semigraphics pixels).
  • Sound: KR580VI53 (КР580ВИ53)
    • 3-channel, 1 bit per channel.
External view of Apogee BK-01C.


  • System unit with an integrated keyboard - 400×240×55 mm.
  • Power supply unit (separate) - 170×104×90 mm.


  • External memory supported by the Monitor base operating system: consumer tape recorder (read/write at 1200 Bd with MEK-60-1 cassettes); and up to 64 kB ROM pluggable via the available I/O port (read only).
  • Data display device: consumer b/w TV-set, tube or semiconductor, with or without LF video input.
  • Manufacturer: BRA plant, township of Lesnoi, Klimovskii district, Tula region 301730 USSR


  • Average price: 440 RUB.
  • Improved by the Golden cooperative and provided with higher RAM capacity, it was offered at 560 RUB.


  • Basic interpreter: 3 types, 2 of which were compatible – Basic-RK and Basic–GRAPHIC.
  • A kit consisting of a text editor (2 kB), assembler (2 kB) and disassembler (2 kB).
  • Approx. a dozen of games on Assembler and as many on Basic.
  • Applications on Basic for advanced mathematics and statistics calculations.

Standard software was delivered recorded on two consumer compact cassettes МК-60-I. Each record (program) was preceded by a voice mark (introduction).



Apogee BK-01C Manual. Translated into English from the original Russian language manual.

Appendix 3 for the Apogey BK-01C Manual (System and Application Programs).


Apogee BK-01 games for download.

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