Asgard Met Vikings

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Title screen
Developer Paradise,
Designer pinhead (code)
Lemmy (graphics)
Composer Premium
Released August 2013 (Evoke)
Platform Amiga
Genre Miscellaneous
Gamemode Single-player,
Multiplayer (2 players simultaneous)
Download ADF, LHA
Information Official website
User rating
Current user rating: 76/100 (1 votes)

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Released in August 2013 as a homebrew title for the Commodore Amiga, Asgard Met Vikings is an energetic and fast-paced love letter to the games of old. Simplistic, but engaging, its colorful visuals and chiptune soundtrack should charm retro gamers looking to return to the golden age of gaming, while its addictive gameplay should make it a welcome addition to any gaming library.

Heavily inspired by Norse mythology, Asgard Met Vikings tells the story of the Erikson brothers: Svelgur and Ragnar. Together, they set out to catch and barrel as many bottles of met as they possibly can as it is sent down from Asgard by Odin, who is hoping to introduce the miracle drink to the people of Midgard as a gift from the gods.

Asgard Met Vikings supports up to two players at once, allowing for some memorable co-op gaming sessions. Players can also record their high scores in the hall of fame for old vikings for future viewings. Gameplay lasts indefinitely, and although it is quite simple by today's standards, it has its own timeless retro charm.

Asgard Met Vikings is currently available for free download online, and can be played both on a emulator and on an original Commodore Amiga.

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