Lasse Öörni

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Lasse Öörni
Lasse Öörni.png
Other names Cadaver
Birth date Late 70's
Birth place
Death date
Residence Oulu, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Occupation Game programmer at LudoCraft
Known for MW4: Agents of Metal, BOFH:Servers Under Siege, others...
Website Covert Bitops

Commodore 64 is a more rare platform for game development these days, but it’s a natural choice for Lasse Öörni, who also goes by the name Cadaver. Together with Olli Niemitalo (Yehar) they formed a group named Covert Bitops, which has been known from BOFH:Servers Under Siege, and Metal Warrior game series. Covert Bitops can be seen as a one-man band, as Niemitalo hasn’t been active in the group for a long time.

Lasse Öörni was born in the late 70s and was first introduced to computers in the middle of the 1980s. Armed with computer magazines, he started to experiment with game development for the Commodore 64 using Basic, and later on Assembly languages. By the time the Commodore 64 era was over, Öörni moved to program for Amiga and PC, and only came back to C64 in 1998 when he started to work on the first version of Metal Warrior.


In development:

  • MW ULTRA (Commodore 64) (WIP)

Other games

Lasse Öörni has also participated in development of NetRacer (some graphics and code) and Shotgate (music and SFX).

  • 2008 NetRacer (Commodore 64) (download)
  • 2008 Shotgate (Commodore 64) (download)

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