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Title screen
Developer id Software
Publisher id Software
Designer John Romero, Sandy Petersen, Shawn Green
Composer Robert Prince
Released 1993
Platform 3DO, Atari Jaguar, DOS, Game Boy Advance, Linux, PC-98, Sega 32X, SNES, Windows
Genre First-person shooter
Gamemode Single-player, multiplayer
Download Shareware (v1.9)
User rating
Current user rating: 90/100 (1 votes)

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Publication Score
MikroBitti 97/100[1]
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Ever since the man went to space, all of us started thinking about the fact that there might be life on other planets. This interesting idea has spawned numerous games, but the one that is the most interesting and revolutionary is definitely Doom. This is a title that places you into the role of a space marine that operates within the UAC and whose main purpose is to fight the monsters and other demons that can be found in the depth of space in order to survive.


Doom does much more than telling us a story of horror, it actually manages to bring a wide range of features that were revolutionary at the time of release. This was one of the first games in the world that introduced 3D graphics, something that we are taking for granted nowadays. On top of that, Doom is also one of the first to add network multiplayer, and this is the game that began the LAN party era. It was also one of the first titles that included support for mods, which could be added to the game via some WAD files.


Doom’s action takes place on Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos and you need to investigate the station because many people tend to think that something had gone terribly wrong. And there is indeed a problem as numerous demons have been spawned within the station and you are the only man alive. As you explore the station and fight the demon menace, you will find out that there were numerous other experiments such as teleportation between planets.

Player shoots zombie


There are 4 episodes (last one only in The Ultimate Doom) in the Doom story, and each one allows you to explore a different location, filled with demonic attackers. At its core, the game brings the normal FPS features that we take for granted nowadays. These include multiple weapon types, such as a chainsaw, rocket launcher, plasma rifle and pistol, as well as a health bar shown as percentage, but as you play you can also see the amount of ammo that you currently have.

In addition, the game features both outdoor and indoor locations, although the indoor ones are the most prominent ones. We liked the fact that there’s an automatic map that shows you the areas you already explored in the level, something that’s quite helpful if you take into consideration the fact that the levels are huge to begin with.

Enemies are diverse and you depending on the difficulty level that you choose (there are 5 of them), you can encounter quite a challenge. With 10 different types of monsters including some that are actually possessed, you can immediately see that you’re in for a treat when it comes to diversity. Their attacks vary, as they can scratch you or even throw fireballs, which is quite unusual.

This is what actually makes Doom a stunning game, the fact that it always provides you with something unusual and highly surprising. The graphics certainly suit the game theme and when the game launched they were revolutionary. Now, they serve as a reminiscence, showing us how much the graphics engines have evolved.

With its multiplayer mode, Doom reaches new heights of fun and excitement. You get a cooperative and deathmatch mode that is still played nowadays by a fairly active community. With numerous maps and a large number of opportunities, Doom is a great multiplayer game that still holds up!

In conclusion, Doom is one of the games that made the FPS genre what it is today! From the great graphics to killer soundtrack and amazing gameplay, Doom is still one of the best shooters created up to this point, so if you want a great FPS to play, then you should check out Doom right away!



Key Weapon On ground Included ammo Max ammo Ammo type
1 Fist N/A Infinite - -
1 Chainsaw Doom Chainsaw.png Infinite - -
2 Pistol N/A 50 200** Bullets
3 Shotgun Doom Shotgun.png 8* 50** Shotgun shells
4 Chaingun Doom Chaingun.png 20* 200** Bullets
5 Rocket Launcher Doom Rocket Launcher.png 2* 50** Rocket
6 Plasma Rifle*** Doom Plasma Rifle.png 40* 300** Plasma cells
7 BFG 9000*** Doom BFG9000.png 40* 300** Energy cells

* Two times more on skill levels 1 and 5.

** Backpack doubles the ammo-carrying capacity.

*** Does not appear in the shareware version.


Comparison between different platforms. Screenshots from the first episode (Knee-Deep in the Dead) of the map one (Hangar).

Screenshot DOS Sega 32X SNES Game Boy Advance
Title screen Doom Title screen.png Doom (Sega 32X) Title screen.png Doom (SNES) Title screen.png Doom (GBA) Title screen.png
Main menu Doom Main menu.png Doom (Sega 32X) Main menu.png N/A Doom (GBA) Main menu.png
Start Doom E1M1 Start.png Doom (Sega 32X) Level 1 Start.png Doom (SNES) E1M1 Start.png Doom (GBA) E1M1 Start.png
Computer room Doom E1M1 Computer room.png Doom (Sega 32X) Level 1 Computer room.png Doom (SNES) E1M1 Computer room.png Doom (GBA) E1M1 Computer room.png
Courtyard Doom E1M1 Courtyard.png Doom (Sega 32X) Level 1 Courtyard.png Doom (SNES) E1M1 Courtyard.png Doom (GBA) E1M1 Courtyard.png
Shoot the imp Doom E1M1 Imp.png Doom (Sega 32X) Level 1 Imp.png Doom (SNES) E1M1 Imp.png Doom (GBA) E1M1 Imp.png
Finished level Doom E1M1 Finished.png Doom (Sega 32X) Level 1 Finished.png Doom (SNES) E1M1 Finished.png Doom (GBA) E1M1 Finished.png


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