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Fable Machine’s logo in the Final Sieni game. Logo stayed the same between 1998-1999. It was changed a bit in 2000 by highlighting the word Fable with white.

Fable Machine was established in January 1998 and the group published games for DOS until 2000. Fable Machine concentrated mainly on creating prank games, and in their own words, they based all of their work on intuition. Fable Machine was based in Mäntsälä, Finland.


All the members of Fable Machine were born in 1983 and worked in the same roles from the start, except for Jani Salo.

  • Kai Kuittinen (coding)
  • Markus Pyörälä (graphics)
  • Esko Orre (music)
  • Jani Salonen (assisting)


Kaima games

Kaima logo.

Before Fable Machine, Kai Kuittinen made small games for DOS under the name Kaima.

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