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Atomic Arena 2 v1.0.4 for Windows

File Summary

File Atomic Arena 2
Version 1.0.4
File size 3.05 MB
Release date April 2
Release year 2006
Type Video game
Platform Windows
License Freeware

Game Summary

Developer Team Fire Games
Publisher Team Fire Games
Original release date February 12
Original release year 2006
Genre Skill
Subgenre Other skill games
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Atomic Arena 2
Website {{{Website}}}


Atomic Arena 2 Gameplay screen.png
Atomic Arena 2 Main menu.png

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Muut taitopelit


   / _  |-----·   ____
  / /_| |TOMIC|  / __ \
 / _____|-----·  \/\_\ \
/_/\__/ _¯¯|----· \/_/ /\
\_\/ / /_| |RENA|/¯¯__/ /
    / ___  |----·| |__\/
   /_/\__|_| |   |_____/\
   \_\/  \_\_|   \_____\/

 * Version 1.0.4

Table of content:

 1. About the game
 2. Info & help
 3. Controls
 4. Troubleshooting
 5. Legal stuff
 6. Credits
 7. Contact
 8. Release info

1. About the game

In case you missed Atomic Arena...

You play as a small piece of materia fighting
for its existence being chased around by anti-
materia. You must destroy anti-materia to get
score. You will be given different bonuses (for
example temperature changes) to help your

Have fun or die.

2. Info & help

* Menu:

Start game: Start the game
Options: The game settings
Scoreboard: View online- and local scores
AA2 Player: Tool to play modules ingame.
Quit: Quit the game

* Game modes:

- Normal AA2 with everything in it
- Atomic Arena 2 AA1 style 
Versus (only 2 player mode):
- Have a fight with your friend (or enemy)

* Game

- Yellow: Yellow electron
- Green: Green electron
- Red: Red electron
- Purple: Purple electron
- Blue: Health +2
- White: Temperature down (slows the game)
- Orange: Temperature up (fastens player)
- Skull: Health -2

- Orange: Does 1 damage, slow
- Green: Does 2 damage, medium
- Flaming red: Does 4 damage in collision,
1 damage per flame collision, fast
- Red (classic only): Does 1 damage, slow

Note that you may collect bonuses with
your electrons.

3. Controls

* Menu:

Navigate: Arrow keys
Choose: Enter

* Game:

Pause menu: Space

Player 1 (default)
- Move: Arrow keys
- Throw electron(s): Control

Player 2 (default)
- Move: W, S, A, D
- Throw electron(s): Tab

If you want to change the default controls
to some other, simply press "P" ingame.

Enter: Respawn, causes massive lost of
score (only with 2 players)

* AA2 Player:

 Note: All keys are from numpad.
 1: Play
 2: Pause
 3: Stop
 4: Previous track
 6: Next track
 0 (Ins): Show / Hide player

The following module formats can be played:

4. Troubleshooting

Q: The game gives me a "File error" at
start. What can I do?
A: Make sure you have the "bass.dll" in
your game folder. If it doesn't help, try
putting it into "windows\system32" folder.

Q: Music stutters in the main menu and
ingame. How can I fix this?
A: Simply restart the game. It's nothing
too serious. The bug cannot be fixed and
it's caused by the plugin we use to play
music and sounds ingame.

Q: The game doesn't start at all!!!1
A: Make sure you have these following
dll-files in your game folder:
If not, reinstall the game or try to find
the files from

Q: The game doesn't start but the process
menu shows that it is running.
A: Make sure that there isn't other TGF
games running at the same time, because
it prevents AA2 to start correctly.

Q: Why can't I add my score to the online
A: You must allow the game to connect to the
internet. The boards contain the 100 best
scores, and if yours isn't high enough,
it naturally won't be added. You may also
have an old version of the game. Check for
updates regulary to prevent this.

Q: How can I move the game window position?
A: When in windowed mode, simply drag and
drop the window to another place.

5. Legal stuff

THIS GAME IS FREEWARE which means that
this software

 1. is made available free of charge
 2. is not free to be used, copied,
     studied, modified and redistributed.

If you paid for this game, you should contact
us (see "7. Contact"-section).

Everything seen in this game is © Team Fire
Games. Original music tracks are © Ilmari
'Zombah' Haapanen. The sound effects are
from various sources, some sounds remixed
by Team Fire Games. We are not responsible
of any damage that this program may cause
to your computer, system or yourself. AA2
logo inspired by John_Edward.

This game is made with The Games Factory.
The Games Factory is © Clickteam & Euro-
press Software 1996-2000.

6. Credits

Atomic Arena and Atomic Arena 2 are © Team
Fire Games. All rights reserved.


TGF/MMF coding:


Original soundtrack:
Ilmari 'Zombah' Haapanen

Online scoreboard original source code:

Lead beta test:

Some ideas:

Sound effects:
From various sources


- All the betatesters <3
- Clickteam for their programs.
- Izzysoft for DMC2, plugin to play modules
and sound effects ingame.
- Cellosoft and Mike Johnson for their
extensions we used.
- for MySQL database.
- John_Edward for Atomic Arena 1 logo.
- All who waited for the final release which
was delayed.
- Other people that were involved in the
developing and who we forgot :)

7. Contact

If you find any bugs or have suggestions for
possible later versions, please tell us.

Newest files and scoreboards can be found
from Atomic Arena Database:

Visit Team Fire Games online:

Also remember:
#teamfire @ QuakeNet


For feedback and/or technical support:

Also visit:

8. Release info

- Minor outfit fixes made
- Release date 02.04.06

- Major changes made
- Checksums changed. You can't submit
score online with older versions
- Changelog added
- Release date 01.04.06

- Another quick bug patch to fix the
bug with adding multiplayer scores
- Release date 19.02.06

- A quick bug patch, some minor bugs
- Release date 12.02.06

- First public release
- Release date 12.02.06

- First private release
- Release date 06.12.05


Atomic Arena 2 © Team Fire Games 2006.
All rights reserved.

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