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Bombing Room for Windows

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File Bombing Room
Version 1
File size 2.38 MB
Release date
Release year 2008
Type Video game
Platform Windows
License Freeware

Game Summary

Developer Arvi Teikari
Publisher Arvi Teikari
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre Platformer
Subgenre Puzzle
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Bombing Room


Bombing Room Gameplay screen.png
Bombing Room Main menu.png

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  by Hempuli of Reactor Products

1. About
2. How To Play?
 A: Menus
 B: Ingame
3. Credits

- 1. ABOUT -

The idea of this game is to collect all the green orbs in every level.
The story tells about a lonely prison in a complex of rooms, where he
has to escape. There's various obstacles and enemies on the way to

This game was mainly inspired by Tekkyuuman by Ikiki. The idea of using
a sledgehammer as a weapon was nice and I wanted to try it by myself
too. After some stumbling I thought it would be awesome if the game had
a level editor, so everyone could their own levels! Soon after the
beginning of the creation I decided to use the grey environment, which
reminds quite much of N by Metanet Software. There's also some other
resembles of N, like some of the enemies and some of the overall style.
Also Jetpack by Adept Software inspired me a lot, especially when
creating the level editor.

- 2. HOW TO PLAY -

- A. MENUS -

You navigate in the menus with mouse. If you want to play a level, you
have to choose 'Custom Level'. Then a list of campaign opens. When you
click a campaign, it shows another list with the levels of the current
campaign. When you've chosen a level, press 'start level' to begin. It
goes the same for playing a campaign, but you just select the campaign,
not a level.


Arrows: Move
Shift: Jump (Hold to jump higher)
Ctrl: Release sledgehammer
Ctrl + Y: Change controls

It's that simple. There's some things to note: When your sledgehammer
hits a wall, it comes back to you, and can't hit anything before
rethrowing. If you instead hit something else, like an enemy, and kill
it, the hammer comes back to you, but you can use it for combosby
jumping over it when it's coming. You can also aim the hammer with
arrow buttons. When the hammer comes back to you, it throws you back
a little. Also, if it comes to you from below, it makes you jump a bit.
This can be used when trying to reach places.

Notes about the objects:
BUTTONS - The red buttons can be used many times to open/close doors.
          The blue ones can be used only once.
The purple button can also be used by enemies, so look out! The yellow
ones can be used as many times as you want, but they wont open/close
doors but lasers.

LASERS - As said earlier, yellow buttons can close most of these. Note
that there are lasers that turn on/off in periods. These can't be
closed, so watch out for them!

BOMBS - Most of the game culminates to these. They can destroy wooden
walls, which can't be destroyed with sledgehammer. Note that the bomb
wont always explode, it needs some height or speed to be detonated.
Also, unlike most of the other objects, springs work on bombs, so they
will jump when hit by one.

- 3. CREDITS -

Graphics --- Hempuli
Programming --- Hempuli
Sound Effects --- From games called Daimon, Special Agent, Soldat,
Metroid and RPGMaker 2000

Testers --- Hempuli, TheOracleFile, Looki, Thomas, Jhelle, Scarzzurs,
DotComLarry, mojofltr, asterick, Griff, Ravenius, slight (There's may
be more, can't remember all)

Level Designers for the actual game --- Hempuli, TheOracleFile, Ravenius
and slight

Inspirations got from Tekkyuuman (Ikiki), N (Metanet Software) and
Jetpack (Adept Software)

Special thanks for Ravenius and TheOracleFile for annoying me with
their tile suggestions, and Nifflas for showing me Jay Is Games

This Game was created with MultiMedia Fusion 2, by Clickteam.

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