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Brainless v1.0.2.5 for Windows

File Summary

File Brainless
File size 44.88 MB
Release date
Release year 2009
Type Video game
Platform Windows
License Freeware

Game Summary

Developer Digital Duct Tape Productions
Publisher Digital Duct Tape Productions
Original release date
Original release year 2009
Genre Action
Subgenre Shooter
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Brainless
Website {{{Website}}}


Brainless Gameplay screen.jpg
Brainless Main menu.jpg

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Top-down shooter


Brainless by Digital Duct Tape Productions
Released at Assembly Summer 2009

System requirements
- Windows XP or newer
- Sufficiently modern PC with rather fast CPU and some RAM
- GPU with Shader Model 2.0 support
- Software requirements (will be installed during Brainless setup if lacking)
 - .Net Framework 3.5
 - XNA Framework 3.0
 - DirectX 9.0

Contact DDT through digitaldt@*****.com. Our website is at

Run setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen. You may need
administrative privileges if your system lacks necessary runtime software
components. Brainless installs to your user profile, so it doesn't show when
using other user accounts. If you have older version of Brainless installed,
please uninstall it before installing the new one.

Just use Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features as usual.

Wake up in a new and exciting world of zombie apocalypse. Grab your bunny
slippers and shotgun and make your way through hordes of undead drooling for
your tasty uneaten flesh. Carve your way to salvation using wide array of 
weapons, including pistols, rifles and a thompson submachine gun.

Start the game, type in your name to keep track of your high score. Select an
appropriate resolution (the default setting is your desktop resolution) and
decide if you want to use full screen, which is of course recommended for
intense atmosphere :). The settings screen shows up every time you launch
Brainless so you can come back and fine tune your preferences.

Starting the game
Click "Start!" from the settings window and the game starts.  Select "New game"
from Main menu, then select the survival mode level of your choosing. Enjoy the
nice loading screen while waiting for the level to load.

In survival mode, your mission is to survive alive as long as possible. Item
stashes appear around the map, as do the dead. You earn score by the time you
survive, and by the enemies you slay. The bigger bastard, the better score
you'll be awarded. The gameplay should be very straightforward to anyone who
has any FPS experience.

The default keys are these:
W,A,S,D - Moving the character
Mouse - Turning the character
First mouse button, Space - Fire the weapon
Second mouse button, Ctrl - Aim (with laser sight if installed)
Mouse wheel, Q - Change weapons
R - Reload the weapon
Tab - Bring up the inventory screen
E - Go through door or search grounds. Instruction text appears on screen when
this is applicable.
Escape - Pause the game and go to in-game menu. From there you can choose to
continue, or to quit.

Inventory screen
Move between the different inventories and items with W, A, S and D or arrow
keys. Change item from one inventory to the other by pressing space bar. The
items you carry can be used by pressing E-key when the item in question is
selected. It's usually recommended to pick up everything on the ground. You can
get back to the game by pressing Escape.

Tools, etc.
Brainless was programmed with Microsoft's Visual C# and XNA. Graphics were
mainly done with the GIMP, sounds with Audacity. Subversion was used for
version control, using TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN as clients. Intra-team
communication was mainly done through IRC and Dokuwiki. Some Python was written
to orchestrate the automatic build facilities.

Known issues
Using Windows-key or alt-tab in fullscreen mode is known to cause crashes. If 
you encounter an error, you can send us feedback about it. Please attach the 
error log with it.

Brainless - handmade in Finland

u551 kmikko Maakuth

Game GFX
Kalemon u551 Westger vuoristo

Map design
Kalemon u551 Maakuth

Map editor

Musculöeser Körper

Sound Effects
Explosion by ljudman
Rifle shot by gezortenplotz 
Shotgun reloading by hiramjustus
Shotgun shot by PhreaKsAccount
Sawed-off shotgun shot by PhreaKsAccount (Coachgun_Fire2.wav)
Revolver shot by gezortenplotz 
Zombie groans by swanshank73, vtownpunks and u551/DDT
Other sounds by Westger/DDT

Kebabpyörä, Rakeinen/Tekotuotanto, Linkki Jyväskylä Ry, Naapurinpojan
Koodauskerho, Vesal, dudes, all the 1337 demoscene people, Wilan the
Party guests,, FLUG, Ubuntu Suomi, AsmOrg, Crowbar Pictures, Codegrove,
and everyone else @ Assembly Summer 2009 - We love you!

Please copy Brainless in its original distribution form if you want to give it
to anyone. You're not allowed to distribute Brainless or parts of it in altered
form without explicit permission from the authors.

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