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Download Hyper Ultra Astronautics

Hyper Ultra Astronautics v0.0.14 alpha for Windows and Linux

File Summary

File Hyper Ultra Astronautics
Version 0.0.14
File size 12.7 MB
Release date September 17
Release year 2017
Type Video game
Platform Windows
License Freeware

Game Summary

Developer FRACTiLE Games
Publisher FRACTiLE Games
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre Action
Subgenre Shooter
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Hyper Ultra Astronautics


Hyper Ultra Astronautics Gameplay screen.jpg
Hyper Ultra Astronautics Title screen.jpg

[[{{{More screenshots}}}|More screenshots]]



Hyper Ultra Astronautics (alpha)

Copyright 2017 FRACTiLE Games / Mikko Rytkönen

NOTE: This is an alpha test version and does not represent final
game quality or content. Please report any bugs you find. All
feedback will be appreciated!


Hyper Ultra Astronautics is an intense local multiplayer space arena
shooter for 1-16 players. Run the game on almost any PC. Play using
keyboard, mouse or gamepads. Or join the match using your mobile phone
as controller.



ESC             Open/close menu
P               Pause game (photo mode)
ENTER           Save a screenshot (in-game, hide notification messages)
F1              Show controller guide
F2              Release mouse cursor (workaround if alt-tab doesn't work)
F3              Show performance statistics
F4              Save a screenshot (anywhere)

Keyboard (players 1 - 3):

W/A/D           Player 1 turn and thrust
Left control    Player 1 shoot

J/I/L           Player 2 turn and thrust
Space           Player 2 shoot

Arrow keys      Player 3 turn and thrust
Right control   Player 3 shoot

Mouse (player 4):

Mouse moves a cursor around player's ship and the ship turns to aim
towards cursor. Left mouse button shoots, right mouse button thrusts.

Gamepads (players 5-8):

Left stick aims and thrusts, right stick only aims. Right trigger and
X/A buttons shoot. Square/X button thrusts. Directional pad turns and

The game uses first four joystick devices it sees and tries to identify
them. If you have a gamepad that is detected, but not supported, please
see FAQ section on game's website for instructions on how to add support
for your gamepad.

Remote controller application (players 9-16):

Download and install the controller application (called "Hyper Ultra
Astronatics") on your mobile device. Make sure you're connected to same
WiFi network as the machine running the game. Press 'Connect' and choose
the game to join.

Pause mode:

Arrow keys rotate camera, PGUP/PGDN zoom and W/A/S/D move camera. ENTER
saves a screenshot (to user data directory, see troubleshooting section
below) and R activates auto-rotation. Pressing P again exits pause mode.


Resources from following external sources have been used:

- Title and match completion music by DavilOne

- Background sound "Sci-Fi Textures" by Marcelo Fernandez
  ( under CC BY 3.0 license.

- Sound effects from under CC0 license.

- Sound effects from PacDV (

- Font by Paul Ijsendoorn ( under
  CC BY-ND 3.0 license.


If the Windows version of game won't start but complains about missing
libraries or "incorrect application configuration", check that you have
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime (x86) installed.

Passing '--systemerrors' command line argument to astronautics.exe
enables duplicate but more informative system error dialogs that might
help in diagnosing missing library errors.

In some Linux distributions you may need to install libXaw, libGLU and
libpng12 -packages from package manager.

The game creates an application.log -file in user data directory, which
likely contains more information. When asking for help, please include
the application.log -file if it was created.

The location of user data directory depends on the operating system, it
is typically one of these:
/home/<username>/.astronautics (Linux)
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\astronautics (Windows XP)
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\astronautics (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10)

If you change system settings and the game won't start anymore,
try passing --video-fail-safe
command line option to the executable. You can also delete configuration.xml in
the user data directory to reset all settings.


0.0.14 alpha (2017-09-17)

- Added new weapon: Death ray.
- Adjusted background asteroid color to better blend in to the
- Added setting for changing ship HUD size.
- Added left digital trigger as alternative thrust button on
- Added shift keys as alternative shoot keys for keyboard
- Use ship's side thrusters to dampen lateral motion while
  thrusting (off by default).
- Fine-tuned camera shake to feel better.
- Added a blue light source to teletorpedos.
- Increased scattergun projectile count and lowered individial
  projectile damage.
- Fixed full-screen mode not always defaulting to primary
- Increased telefragger kill range at teleport target position.
- Don't spawn telefragger right before boss fights as it can't
  be used against them.
- Spawn repair bots in survival mode only as boss kill rewards.
- Fixed log error spamming on some buggy AMD drivers in Windows.
- Made player ships attract power ups from much greater
- Added particle trail effects to some of the beam weapons.
- Added smooth fading at both ends of weapon beams.
- Moved controller help from menu to a separate overlay that
  can be toggled with F1.
- Show match tips in randomized loop while waiting for players
  to join the match.
- Added a shockwave to teleporting effect.

0.0.13 alpha (2017-09-02)

- Fixed completely broken lighting on instanced objects (e.g.
- Added more ship control related tips shown at match start.

0.0.12 alpha (2017-08-14)

- Switched to use SDL2 game controller mappings for much
  better gamepad support.
- Added a notification when new gamepad is connected.
- Reworked OpenGL initialization code to fix some compatiblity
- Fixed some special characters not showing right in high
  score names.
- Added a --video-fail-safe command line option to temporarily
  force fail-safe video settings.
- Added V-sync interval setting to system settings menu.
- Added setting to disable mouse control (and prevent mouse
- Added an ominous sound playing just before bosses appear in
  survival mode.
- Updated all packaged libraries to latest versions.

0.0.11 alpha (2017-07-18)

- Added local and online high score tables for survival matches.
- Added new weapon: Teletorpedo.
- Improved jumper boss model.
- Tougher boss ships drop more valuable score items.
- Show number of remaining lives in survival match.
- Fixed gamepad thrust buttons not working simultaneusly with
  analog stick aiming.
- Missiles no longer detonate on contact with the ship that
  fired them.
- Mothership laser beams now turn on and off based on time
  instead of position.
- Added "tail lights" to drones to make them more visible.
- Wrap telefragger target indicator around arena edges.
- Added separate tips shown at co-op survival matchs start.
- Added a boss health indicator in survival matches.
- Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from coming from the right
  side of the arena.
- Fixed explosions causing less damage to larger objects.
- Made enemy drones a lot weaker.
- Rewrote drone aiming code to make them better hit stationary
- Added camera shake to enemy boss explosions.
- Decreased duration of disruption caused by ship explosions.
- Prevented disruption from ship explosions when telefragging.
- Added respawn delay progress bar to respawn labels.

0.0.10 alpha (2017-04-27)

- Added a new boss in survival mode.
- Made survival mode enemies drop collectible score items.
- Added projectile impact sounds on all enemy ships.
- Added missing dronefragment.png texture.
- Fixed random freezes when exiting game.
- Fixed crash in full-screen mode (X error: RRSetCrtcGamma) on
  Linux with recent NVidia GPU.
- Created a new mesh based teleport effect that better scales
  based on ship size.
- Added new less annoying drone shoot sound.
- Improved enemy spawn patterns to prevent overlap.
- Adjusted survival mode difficulty progression.
- Increased missile launch speed to make it harder to
  accidentally catch your own missiles.
- Made drones go look for target in the direction of hit when
  shot from a distance.
- Fixed mobile controller server connection issues on some PCs
  with multiple network interfaces.
- Updated GLFW to fix really laggy keyboard input in some cases.
- Added alternative "left handed" shoot keys to keyboard
- Added separate main menu entry for competitive and co-op
- Added in-game controller layout help (under Settings -menu).
- Prevented spawning same power-up twice in a row.
- Don't spawn power-ups right in front of players to prevent
  accidental pickups.
- Initial player start-up positions are now arranged in a grid.
- Renamed players based on their controllers and removed player
  settings menu.
- Added common score counter to top right corner of arena in
  survival match.
- Removed last bit of randomization from background and
  lighting color.
- Prevented damage from "friendly fire" in survival mode.

0.0.9 alpha (2017-03-22)

- Improved game logo.
- Added enemy mother ship as a new enemy in survival mode.
- Enabled biased mipmaps for font textures to allow smoother
- Increased background color brightness and limited
  randomization to bluish hues.
- Added long aim indicator line to disruptor for easier aiming.
- Added flash particles on beam weapon activation.
- Plasma beam and disruptor now slightly home in on nearby
- Added support for control using dpad buttons on gamepads.
- Added steering acceleration to digital control from mobile

0.0.8 alpha (2017-02-12)

- Fixed once active players always showing up in match results
  even when not playing.
- Added new weapon: Autocannon.
- Improved collision particle effects and sounds.
- Open the menu automatically when the game starts.
- Added intro music in menu.
- Made respawn timer count down instead of restarting from zero
  when button is released.
- Added QR code links to mobile application downloads in the
  settings menu.
- Fixed menu font not using proper aspect ratio.
- Increased maximum ship velocity by 20%.
- Fixed unintentional ship angular speed limitation when using
  directional controllers.
- Increased ship thruster forces slightly.
- Enlarged drone collision models to make them easier to hit.
- Increased the brighthess of the directional base light source
- Fixed active player controls getting stuck when menu is
- Fade menu and player labels smoothly in and out.
- Added a game logo in menu.
- Added title music in menu.
- Added menu action sounds.
- Pause match with active players while menu is open.
- Added monitor gamma setting to system settings menu.

0.0.7 alpha (2017-01-12)

- Added large slow-moving asteroids in the background.
- Added training/survival co-op game mode.
- Require holding down shoot button to respawn to prevent
  accidental controller activations.
- Added auto-rotation to pause mode (press R).
- Moved screenshot saving to a separate thread (no frame
- Added milliseconds to screenshot file names to prevent
  duplicate names.
- Weapons no longer shoot in paused mode.
- Improved quality of glow/bloom post-processing effect.
- Shortened disruption time caused by EMP blast and
- Prevented missiles from locking on to teammates.
- Increased damage caused by plasma bursts.
- Increased disruptor recharge delay and heat production.
- Limited plasma beam usage to 20 seconds in total.
- Added a bit more particles to explosions.
- Added new better thruster sound loop for player ships.
- Added blue engine glow to player ship models.
- Preload all resources at game start to prevent
  stuttering during gameplay.
- Fixed broken fallback video mode selection when monitor
  does not support set resolution.
- Adjusted match completion labels to take less horizontal

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