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Taso v131 (registered) for DOS

File Summary

File Taso
Version 131
File size 2.51 MB
Release date February 20
Release year 1998
Type Video game
Platform DOS
Requirements 486DX/33 with 4 megs of RAM
License Creative Commons

Game Summary

Developer Vili Lehdonvirta
Publisher Vili Lehdonvirta
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre Action
Subgenre Flight
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Taso
Website {{{Website}}}


Taso Gameplay screen.png
Taso Title screen.png

[[{{{More screenshots}}}|More screenshots]]



                           Y e t    a n o t h e r

                             ÛÛ  ÛÛ  Û²Û   ÛÛ  Û²
                             ÛÛ  ÛÛßßÛ²ßßßÛ²Û  Û²
                             ÛÛ  ÛÛ  Û²ÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛ²

                           Thanks for registering!

               Version 131 registered, release date 20.02.1998
                            V. Anton Lehdonvirta
                                 aka Amber



    1. Legal stuff
    2. Getting it up and running
    3. Game instructions
    4. Tips & tactics
    5. Credits, contacting, Amber greets



   1.1 Registered version

     This copy of Taso131 is registered and only for your personal use! You
     are not allowed to distribute this. Not to your friends, not to anyone!
     Let them register it themselves!

     (Nowadays TASO 131 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
     Unported License.)

   1.2 File list

     The package should contain the following files. If you seem to miss a
     file, contact me and I'll correct the problem.

     TASO.EXE ........... run this to play the game ;)
     SETUP.EXE .......... sound setup program, use this if autodetect fails
     TASOZONE.EXE........ battlezone conversion utility
     GFX.HUI ............ graphics file
     SEQGFX.HUI ......... graphics file
     AGFX1.HUI .......... graphics file
     AGFX2.HUI .......... graphics file
     AGFX3.HUI .......... graphics file
     BGFX.HUI ........... graphics file
     SND??.BUM .......... sound effects (sorry they're not in the same file;)
     TASO131.DOC ........ this documentation
     TASOZONE.DOC........ help on how to make your own levels
     ZONES\2051AD.OOH ... battlezone
     ZONES\JUNGLE.OOH ... battlezone
     ZONES\CHAOS.OOH .... battlezone
     ZONES\ALASKA.OOH ... battlezone
     ZONES\MEXICO.OOH ... battlezone
     ZONES\INCA.OOH ... battlezone
     ZONES\CLOUDS.OOH ... battlezone

   1.3 All rights reserved

     Midas Digital Audio system is copyrighted by Housemarque Inc. and used
     in this product with permission. All other parts of this product are
     copyrighted by Vili A. Lehdonvirta (a.k.a. Amber), all rights

     No guarantee or warranty of any kind is given. I accept no
     responsibility whatsoever for any harm or damage this product may

     This personal registered copy is not to be distributed in any way.
     The unregistered shareware version, however, can be freely distributed
     and included on cd-rom collections or whatever. Please send me a copy
     of the cd, though, or at least inform me.

     You are allowed to copy, reproduce etc. this document in pieces or in
     it's whole form as long as the source is indicated.



   2.1 Hardware requirements

     Absolute minimun system is something like 486dx/33 with 4 megs of ram.
     More memory is not really needed, but for fast action a pentium is

     A huge number of sound cards are supported. TASO.EXE autodetects your
     card, but if and when that doesn't work, there's the SETUP.EXE to
     allow you to input your card setting manually. If there are problems
     with sound playback during the game, such as sudden silence, it is
     strongly recommended that you turn off the background music (by setting
     the volume to zero from the Select Music dialog) so that you can enjoy
     the great sound effects. The music really takes up lots of resources,
     and with lower quality cards full functionality can't always be

     If you want your sound card to be autodetected, you must have an
     appropriate environment variable set, eg. SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5.

     With more players, you might experience difficulty with the controls.
     It is not the game's fault, in fact I have designed Taso so that you
     won't have to hold down many keys at the same time. It's just that many
     new keyboards tend to stop sending key pressing information when enough
     keys are held down at the same time. This depends hugely on the

   2.2 System configuration

     Taso131 has been programmed and tested in DOS, and though it should be
     quite functional in Windows 95, it is recommended that you quit to dos
     when playing. As with any game, a clean boot usually does it best.

     NOTE: There seems to be something wrong with the computer players in
     Win95. No idea what it could be, but I suggest you switch to dos if you
     have problems when under '95.

   2.3 Video modes

     Normal MCGA 320x200x8b is used. Also, there's an optional 640x480x8b
     mode, VESA compatible. You need a VBE2-compilant card, or a VBE2-driver
     such as UniVesa 5.1. Linear framebuffer is used and required.

     There was a very minor bug with parallax scrolling in 640x480, but I
     didn't feel like fixing it so I disabled parallax in that mode ;). It'd
     be too slow with those routines, anyway.



   3.1 Starting the game

     The menus are pretty straightforward and shouldn't need explaining, but
     here are a few bits you ought to know.

     THE KEY SELECTOR: Select the player and press the buttons requested
     (eg. up, down, left, right, fire1, fire2) for that player. The key
     settings aren't saved, sorry, but most people feel that the default
     keys (listed below) are ok. Maybe I'll fix that in the next version ;).

     Default keys:

                UP        DOWN      LEFT      RIGHT     FIRE1     FIRE2

     Player I   UpArrow   DownArrow LeftArrow RightArrw RightCtrl RightShift
     Player II  W         S         A         D         Capslock  Tab
     Player III I         K         J         L         M         N
     Player IV  Numpad5   Numpad3   Numpad2   Numpad6   NumpadDel NumpadIns

     MODE: There are two game modes available (settings screen), classic and
     campaign. In the classic mode (referring to the old Taso versions) you
     will be given a ready-constructed base and unlimited choppers. You will
     also have ground troops which will "recharge" (eg. when you send them,
     more will slowly become available to you). Also, a single Cruise
     Missile will be available for you (see chapter 3.3, weapons & vehicles,
     for descriptions). 

     In the campaign mode, you will have to construct your base yourself.
     In the beginning, you have a certain sum of starting money (500-2000,
     you can change the 'cash'-option in the settings screen). Items marked
     red are not available to you either because you don't have enough cash
     or because the items need you to have a certain building first (these
     dependencies are listed in chapter 3.2 and 3.3). You will earn more
     money by doing damage to enemy targets, but you don't loose money by
     receiving damage.

     When you buy a building, you will have to place it. Arrows move it
     around. Fire1 places it and fire2 cancels building.

     In the shop, 'quit' option will exit the shop and take you to the
     vehicle selector (pressing fire2 also exits the shop) If you have
     bought choppers, for example, you will see a chopper icon and a number
     telling you how many of them you have. Select the chopper and press
     fire1 and you will be flying in it! When you die, you go back to the
     vehicle selector. Select the 'buy'-option to get back to the shop.

     GROUND: Hard ground means ground that cannot be damaged, no holes will
     appear from shooting (recommended). Soft means that shooting will cause
     ugly holes to appear to the ground. Pile means that shooting will cause
     holes to appear like as in soft. Also, the dirt that flies from
     explosions will not disappear, instead it will be piled on the ground.

     PARALLAX: Parallax scrolling. Quite power-needy, so turn this off if
     the game runs too slowly.

     CASH: Starting money in campaign mode. No use in classic mode.

   3.2 Buildings

     The cost only applies to Campaign mode, since in Classic mode there is
     no shop. 'Requires' means which building you have to have before you
     can construct that one.

     Chopper shelter

       cost:     250
       armour:   1300
       requires: -

       The most important building of your base, this is where your choppers
       are launched from. Has an automatic weapon which makes bombing hard.


       cost:     40
       armour:   170
       requires: -
       Your ground troops are sent from here. If it gets destroyed, everyone
       inside is killed, so you'd better have more than one.

     Repair pad

       cost:     20
       armour:   300
       requires: chopper shelter

       Land here with your choppers and it will be instantly repaired and
       rearmed. If not very useful, at least very cheap.


       cost:     160
       armour:   800
       requires: -

       Scans the skies above your base. Your SAM sites will not function
       without the guidance of at least one radar.

     SAM site

       cost:     70
       armour:   400
       requires: radar

       Surface to Air Missile sites launch engine-homing missiles to take
       out enemy choppers. Effective especially in large numbers, but quite
       easy to destroy. Will not work without at least one functional radar.

     AA battery

       cost:     200
       armour:   1200
       requires: -

       Anti Aircraft batteries pepper the skies with small flak fire when
       they see enemy choppers. Not very effective against fast targets, but
       prevets choppers from slowing down over your base.


       cost:     5
       armour:   -
       requires: -

       A fine, tall flagpole displays your colours to the enemy. Swing your
       noble banner high!

     Missile silo

       cost:     280
       armour:   900
       requires: -

       A huge underground silo which contains your deadly Cruise missiles
       and maybe sometimes even a Nuclear Reaper.

     Guard tower

       cost:     50
       armour:   400
       requires: -

       An excellent defence against trooper attacks, but easily destroyed
       by aerial attackers.

     Barbwire fence

       cost:     30
       armour:   -
       requires: -

       Thick fences of barbed wire slow enemy troopers down and make them
       easier targets. Virtually indestructible except by well-aimed

   3.3 Weapons & Vehicles

     'Requires' means which building you have to have before you can buy
     these, and in which building they are stored. If that building is
     destroyed, the vehicle is destroyed as well.

     Gunship chopper

       cost:     50
       weapons:  6 x Mk II bombs, Mk 100 machine gun
       armour:   200
       requires: chopper shelter

       Quite slow, moderately heavy craft suited for destroying ground
       targets. The best way to kill ground troops. Pressing UP+DOWN will
       activate the ejector seat.

     Dogfight chopper

       cost:     35
       weapons:  5 x Mk I engine-homing missiles, 2 x Mk 80 machine guns
       armour:   150
       requires: chopper shelter

       Very fast, very agile, very nice. Takes out slow choppers with the
       missiles and the forward-pointing, very powerful machine guns.
       Because of light armour, not good when the going gets rough. Pressing
       UP+DOWN will activate the ejector seat.


       cost:     80
       weapons:  4 x Mk I bombs, 10 x paratroopers
       armour:   300
       requires: chopper shelter

       A good way to get ground troops into enemy base. You must have some
       troopers waiting in your barracks, they're not included in the price.
       Very slow, and cannot fly very high, which makes it unusable in some

     Heavy transport chopper

       cost:     90
       weapons:  10 x Mk I bombs
       armour:   300
       requires: chopper shelter

       What does it transport? Bombs, lots of them. A modified version of
       the Parachopper, so it looks the same and performs identical.

     Suicide Commando

       cost:     20
       weapons:  Energy Peagun, Suicide Bomb
       armour:   30
       requires: barrack

       Can attempt to steal enemy choppers: Go to enemy chopper shelter and
       press UP for a gunship or UP+FIRE1 for a dogfighter.


       cost:     15
       weapons:  Energy Peagun
       armour:   2
       requires: barrack

       Troopers are weak and easy to kill, but in large numbers they do huge
       damage to enemy buildings (if they ever get that far). They are not
       user controllable, you just send them off and forget them.


       cost:     25
       weapons:  Energy Peagun
       armour:   2
       requires: barrack

       Pioneers are otherwise the same as normal ground troops except that
       they can repair damaged buildings. Buildings cost a lot of money, so
       make sure you regularily send off some pioneers to repair them before
       they're destroyed.

     Cruise Missile

       cost:     200
       weapons:  Paukku-class explosive warhead
       armour:   80
       requires: missile silo

       Cruise missiles are ideal for taking out heavily armoured buildings,
       but are easily destroyed by flak fire and Mk I homing missiles from

     Ultimate Nuclear Reaper

       cost:     2000
       weapons:  Massamurha-class nuclear warhead
       armour:   700
       requires: missile silo

       The Ultimate Nuclear Reaper will cause incredible devastation wherever
       it lands.

   3.4 Scoring system

     When all players except one are killed, their bases completely destroyed
     or their cash used, the game ends and calculates scores. The score is
     based on how much damage you did to other players. For example,
     destroying a chopper shelter gives you 1200 points since that is how
     much armour it has. You lose points for damage you did to your own
     buildings or units, and you also lose 300 points for each chopper you've

     There's also a survival bonus: The player who dies first receives no
     bonus, the second receives 2000 points and the third 4000 and so on.

     When the scores are displayed, there's also statisctical information
     showing how many bombs, homing missiles, and paratroopers the player
     used. Also, the 'oth' means other and shows how much your ground troops
     and buildings fired (the real number is divided by 100). 'Dwn' (down)
     shows how many choppers you lost. The lower half of the screen shows
     how much damage each player caused to other players. Greens are the
     damage inflicters and reds are damage takers.



   4.1 Base building

     This, of course, does not apply to the Classic mode since there is no
     base building involved in it. But seasoned players probably find that
     the Campaign mode is much more interesting, anyway.

     A good anti-air capability is very important. AA-batteries are good
     in the beginning, since they are quickly placed and can take lots of
     damage, which is good since in the beginning you have other things to
     do than look after your buildings. Place the batteries in high ground,
     and make sure that they are not too close to other, tall buildings
     (they might fire at your own structures). Well-placed SAM-sites are
     very effective too, but because of their weak armour they require
     constant repair.

     If the opposition insists on using loads of troopers, place one Guard
     Tower on each side of your base and surround the towers with barbwire
     fences. If you send pioneers to repair the towers often enough, they
     will stop almost any numbers of attacking troopers.

     A landing pad can be surprisingly useful: place one on the edge of your
     base and you need not to go all the way to your chopper shelter to
     rearm and repair your choppers.

     Barracks are very weak structures. If you want to use ground troops a
     lot, you should build several of them and place them somewhere where
     they are not easily bombarded. But for those who use troopers only
     casually, it is usually best to build a new barrack every time you need
     it and leave no troopers staying there any longer than necessary.

   4.2 Attacking

     Attacking with choppers is usually the most effective technique, but
     do not underestimate the power of the ground side either. Troopers are
     not so easily noticed, but when even a few get inside a base they cause
     quite a hefty bit of damage to the structures. Troopers are, however,
     very vulnerable to gunship choppers and guard towers, so it is usually
     best to escort them with a gunship chopper or a dogfighter when you
     send them in large numbers. Remember to use parachoppers, too,
     especially when there are too many guard towers around the base.

     If the enemy base is too well defended against chopper attacks, the
     Suicide commandos can be used to take out SAM-sites even deep inside
     the enemy base. Commandos move very fast and carry quite a lethal bit
     of explosives with them.

     Remember that the dogfight chopper can be used for air-to-ground attacks
     as well. Especially AA-batteries which are placed high on hilltops are
     very vulnerable to dogfighters' Mk.I missiles, which the dogfighter can
     fire from outside the AA-battery's range.

     When the enemy has placed several tough structures close to each other,
     such as two chopper shelters side-to-side, it may be worth trying to
     take them out with a Cruise missile. The missile is very easily
     destroyed by AA-batteries, but when it hits it takes out several
     buildings and is usually worth the trouble. Cruise missiles as well
     as the Nuclear reaper are quite difficult to use, but once you become
     skilled enough to hit your target they are very useful.

   4.3 Defence

     Try to counter the attack techniques described in the last chapter :).
     Remember to send pioneers to repair your structures. Use the dogfighter
     for quick missile sweeps, ie. take off, shoot all your missiles, land.
     Five well-scattered missiles should keep the sky around your base clear
     for a few seconds to let you think of something else. Use the gunship
     chopper to kill enemy troopers before they get inside your base.



   5.1 People involved

     Code and most graphics were produced by Vili Lehdonvirta a.k.a. Amber.

     Intro music, 'Still out of the dark', was composed by Serum. In-game
     music by Seer, Aga and Queek. End music, 'Files deleted', by Seer.

     Distribution and homepage maintenance is handled by DP97.

     Midas Digital Audio system was written by Petteri Kangaslampi and Jarno

     For help with Taso131 I also wish to thank my brothers

   5.2 This game is totally Finnish

     Yes indeed, almost every byte is of Finnish origin :). I hope you
     realise how damn advanced we Finns are! Perkele!

   5.3 Contacting information

     For job offers, donations, or whatever nice things ;), e-mail
     amber@******.fi. For suggestions and bug reports to Taso, email
     amber@******.fi with subject TASO.

     My snailmail address:
       Vili Lehdonvirta
       Alaka******** 4 E 17
       02*** Espoo

     Taso now has totally new www-homepages hosted by Nebula. Information
     on new versions is available as well as the possibility to register
     Taso. The new address is *** ***

     Huomautus MikroBitin toimitukselle: Eikö olisi vähintäänkin hyvän
     tavan mukaista ilmoittaa sw-peleistä kirjoitellessa myös tekijä, kun
     peleistä otettuja screenshotteja käytetään materiaalina kaupallisessa

     Allekirjoittanut vastaanottaa mielellään hyvityksenä vuoden ilmaiset
     MikroBitit ja suostuu sen jälkeen olemaan tavoitettavissa jopa

   5.4 Amber greets

     Aga, Lego (aka intiaani), Reve, Martina, 

     Delta, Oiriz, Wessa, Phazer, Tracker, Beta, Tonic, Dena&co, befe&co,
     Kurt, Snipe, Jusa, Wallu, Puputti#1, Puputti#2, Highlander, oikeastaan
     koko Olarin Lukio, OLARIN 2D, Hra Nurmi, Olarin tyt”t, muutkin tyt”t,
     Wheezer, QAZ, MegaBitch, KiaroSusi, PBT Cyclone, PBT Badboys (kenelle  
     m„ oon velkaa?), Jaana&Herkko, (deathmetal)Sepi, DSH, TZ SBBS:n vakiot,
     Miikka&Kimmo, Gargamel the Coder, Nikke L., Corbus, Ipe, Markku, Mato,
     Aki, Kupzik, Housemarque, Krista P., Spector, Los, Belius, Chris G.,
     Kazu, Laura, Seer, Queek, Daman, DjScratch, Pete, Aino, GSP, GSP9, 5C
     Maximillian, Nick, AQbator, Pyry, Otso, rcn, dee, Static


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