Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto
Main menu
Developer DMA Design
Tarantula Studios (GBC)
Visual Sciences (PS)
Publisher BMG Interactive
ASC Games
Released 1997 (PC, PS)
1999 (GBC)
Platform DOS, Game Boy Color, PlayStation, Windows
Genre Action-adventure
Gamemode Single-player, multiplayer
User rating
Current user rating: 87/100 (1 votes)

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Open world games have always been the pride and passion of video gaming because they allow us to explore any location we want the way we want. We basically have the opportunity to create our own experience within the game, and that is something indeed unique and interesting. This is exactly what Grand Theft Auto brings, a large world that we can explore at our own pace, without any restrictions.


In Grand Theft Auto you play the role of a villain that can do whatever he wants. From bank robberies, assassinations or numerous other crimes, everything is doable in this game. There are three cities you can explore, and each one of them is comprised by multiple levels. The only way to unlock new levels is to have a high score, achieved by wreaking havoc in the game's large world.

Itali GTB on the streets of Vice City.

Each mission has its own rewards, but completing one will also provide you with a way to attempt harder, more intricate missions that will bring even better rewards.

You can steal just about any car you can find in the game world, hence the name of the game. You will have a certain number of lives available in each level and once you die, it's game over. Armors, weapons and other special items can be found in crates from around the cities.

Furthermore, there are 8 characters that can be controlled din the game, 4 males and 4 females. The cities are very similar to real-life locations which is a plus, as it brings a larger level of immersion into the game. The title successfully captures the essence of a metropolis where corrupted cops, random acts of violence, local criminals, thieves, murder and corruption is something ordinary.

The gameplay is so appealing that you definitely want to revisit the game again and again. You can shoot anyone you want, get the cars and sell them for profit or go to the designated mission areas and complete them. The missions are quite diverse and they involve following targets, killing them, stealing a car or just escaping the cops. Each mission tends to bring something new so there is a lot of variety involved, which is crucial in an open world game.

The graphics are very impressive considering the year the game was release, and there are lots of people that still play it nowadays. Animations are fluid, cars drive nicely and the game world is masterfully designed so exploring it is just a pleasure.

Sound-wise, the game comes with lots radio stations that you can listen to while driving. This certainly makes Grand Theft Auto feel very realistic. You can even listen to the police band track, but be aware that each car has a limited amount of radio stations that it can support.

In the end, Grand Theft Auto is simply a stellar game that has defined a generation of gaming. With its unique game concept, realistic towns and fun gameplay, Grand Theft Auto is an iconic title that is definitely worth playing.




Character PC GBC Description
Bubba GTA1 Character Bubba.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Bubba.png Obese and tough male character with a cigar in the mouth.
Divine GTA1 Character Divine.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Divine.png Female character who seems to be of African descent. Not available in the PlayStation version.
Katie GTA1 Character Katie.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Katie.png Female character who seems to be of Hispanic descent. Not available in the PlayStation version.
Kivlov GTA1 Character Kivlov.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Kivlov.png Male character whose name refers to a Eastern European or Russian descent.
Mikki GTA1 Character Mikki.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Mikki.png Female character who seems to be of Asian descent. Not available in the PlayStation version.
Travis GTA1 Character Travis.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Travis.png Male character who is a reference to Travis Bickle, the main character in the movie Taxi Driver.
Troy GTA1 Character Troy.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Troy.png Male character who seems to be of African descent.
Ulrika GTA1 Character Ulrika.png GTA1 (GBC) Character Ulrika.png Female character whose name refers to a Scandinavian descent. Not available in the PlayStation version.
Kelly N/A GTA1 (GBC) Character Kelly.png Male character. Available only in the Game Boy Color version.

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