Mika Keränen

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Mika Keränen (Misfit)
Other names
Birth date Late 70's
Birth place Kajaani, Finland
Death date
Nationality Finnish
Known for
Website riimukivi.net

Calling himself “punk rock coder”, Mika "Misfit" Keränen has been creating games as a hobby for a long time. His first experience with programming was when he created a kind of a text adventure game on a VIC-20 as a child. In 1998, his war strategy game IsoWiha got to the finals of Discover competition.

Keränen returned to his roots in the beginning of 2010, and, inspired by his friend Aleksi Eeben, he bought a new VIC-20.[1] In August 2013 his game FastBoy placed in 36 out of 1437 games at the Ludum Dare 27 game development event.[2]

In November 2015, British company Cronosoft published Misfit’s Super Starship Space Attack on a cassette.[3] An isometric adventure Pentagorat was published on a cassette for the Commodore VIC-20 in December 2016.[4]


Super Starship Space Attack
Pilot Attack

In development:

  • 201? RodMän (multiplatform game which mixes ideas from Pac-Man and BomberMan)



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