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Developer Misfit
Publisher Misfit
Released August 7, 2015
February 3, 2017 (v1.3)
Platform Android
Genre Racing game
Gamemode Single-player,
multiplayer (online hi-score list)
Download Google Play
Information Official website
User rating
Current user rating: 87/100 (1 votes)

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RetroRalliRace is a Finnish-made retro racing game that was published in August 2015 for the pleasure of Android device users. The game contains two training levels and twelve actual tracks. It successfully combines the familiar driving experience from Commodore 64’s Rally Speedway with the challenges of Android's 'Retry' game, where you will become familiar with the retry button in game to retry an area. However, these challenges can sometimes be frustrating due to having to constantly try again.

RetroRalliRace is a skill game, and after you’ve mastered how to control the car, the most important thing turns out to be how to drive the fastest time down, in order to beat the current fastest time on record. To get a new high score means playing again and again, which you for sure will be doing as you advance in the game.

Cheerful retro-style gaming

Misfit, the game’s developer, is known for his games Mr Angry Dude and Bertie The Ball, which he made for Commodore 8-bit computers. RetroRalliRace continues the same theme with its graphics and music, bringing to mind the 80s.

Two-dimensional graphics have been given depth by shading, and by leaping the player up the ramp as the car comes close. On top of that, the small tires rotate and as you speed up they leave marks on the tarmac. The game’s colorful appearance is cheerful, as is the music. While you drive, most of the sounds consist of the car’s engine’s buzzing sounds, but otherwise the player’s ears are pampered with chiptune-style music that fits the game’s overall theme well.

The jump is going approximately in the right direction.

Quick to learn, difficult to master

It’s quick to learn to control the car. Pressing the screen with your finger speeds up the car, and by moving it to the left or right the car turns accordingly. It’s not so simple to control the movements of the car as even the smallest false moves can backfire on you, and a burning car becomes a more and more familiar sight.

After you have somewhat mastered controlling the car, the main idea of the game is to finish a level under the time limit so that you can advance to the next level. The game has 14 levels and to get through all of them will take a first-timer at least a few hundred tries. However, the gaming is fun and the constant re-trying isn’t annoying.

Competing against others

After you’ve gotten through all the levels – by which point you can probably control the car very well and you are familiar with the tracks – you can start playing against other drivers. The high scores are updated in real time and they’re displayed to the hundredths of a second. Should there ever be a need to go all the way to the milliseconds, they can be checked out from the game’s website.

To get on the high score list, it’s enough to jot down your name, change the settings so that the results are shared online, and drive a good enough time. You don’t have to sign up. Due to precise controls, it’s fun to try to ride through the bends like they’re just straight road. To get a new time record is pretty much up to the player.

After the race the player sees his own time and the all-time best times on the online hi-score list.

Worth playing

RetroRalliRace focuses on what really matters, and doesn’t have a variety of cars, upgrades, or anything else extra. The game starts up quickly, it’s quick to quit, and as one lap lasts under a minute, it’s perfect for short gaming sessions. It’s possible to get through all the tracks in a few days if you play hard enough, so it would have been nice to have more of them in the game. However, the online high score list brings longevity to the game as you can try to beat other players’ times even after going through all the levels.

I didn’t find any major bugs in the game: black stripes flashed on the screen a few times while I was playing, but it didn’t affect the game that much. There are no ads in the game, and it only takes less than a megabyte of memory, so I’d definitely recommend trying RetroRalliRace.


Level Name Qualifying time Checkpoints
1 Practice 16.00 1
2 More practice 25.00 3
3 Lazy cow 24.00 1
4 Ding and dong 35.00 3
5 Who cares 30.00 3
6 I don't care 50.00 4
7 Stupid level 45.00 2
8 Wroom..Wroom.. 26.00 2
9 You're a moron 39.00 1
10 Halipatsuippa 32.50 2
11 I'm legend! 37.00 3
12 Snow und fear 20.50 1
13 Winter 23.00 1
14 Cold feet 46.00 2


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