Stunt Car Racer

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Stunt Car Racer
Title screen
Developer MicroStyle
Publisher MicroProse
Designer Geoff Crammond
Released 1989
Platform Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, ZX Spectrum
Genre Racing game
Gamemode Single-player, Multiplayer
User rating
Current user rating: 91/100 (1 votes)

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Car racing games have always been popular because they bring a spirit of competition between players. However, combining that with stunts brings a whole other experience. Stunt Car Racer is a game that tries to place us into the shoes of a racing car driver, allowing us to control a car from start to finish on some daredevil tracks that are full of elevations, jumps and other challenges.


In Stunt Car Racer you will race against other driver, so each jump and corner needs to be taken perfectly if you want to keep an advantage against him. You need to figure out the correct speed for each portion of the track, while also making sure that the other player won’t pass you.

This game comes with a car that can perform nitro boost, as well as eight different tracks. What makes the game challenging is that each track comes with its own level of difficulty, which makes the game much more interesting.

Every two tracks are included in another division, and there are 11 different racers that you need to beat. Your only purpose is to make sure that you beat all your opponents before the end of the season. You will then have the ability to move forward with the division, and this automatically increases the difficulty quite a lot.

The graphics in the game are very nice, considering that it was released back in 1989. The tracks look amazing, the character images are funny and quite detailed, but let’s not forget the tracks which are beautifully created and the stunning details of the car. Combined with a stellar, realistic sound, Stunt Car Racer provides a very unique, interesting experience that you simply don’t want to miss.

We also enjoyed the fact that each track does bring a lot of variations, so there are twists, turns, jumps and obstacles that you need to avoid if you want to finish in the first place. There are lots of other interesting things you might want to do, such as using the nitro boost to pass your opponent or controlling your car in mid-air. This makes the game a lot more fun and unique, even when you compare it to much newer titles.

The user interface is quite simplistic, you have the HUD that gives you all the information such as speed, current lap and the number of boost remaining. All of these combined give you a good understanding of your current situation as you play.

The car physics are simply unbelievable, especially for a game that old. You really feel each bump as well as each jump that you perform, as the game is very realistic, bringing you an unforgettable experience.

In the end, Stunt Car Racer is one of the best racing games that you can experience on an Amiga computer, and we recommend it to anyone that wants a retro racing game.

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