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Infobox Game
Developer {{{Developer}}}
Publisher {{{Publisher}}}
Designer {{{Designer}}}
Composer {{{Composer}}}
Released {{{Released}}}
Platform {{{Platform}}}
Genre {{{Genre}}}
Gamemode {{{Gamemode}}}
Download {{{Download}}}
Information {{{Information}}}
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Publication Score
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{{Infobox Game|
|Image = [[Image:Sample_image.jpg|center|300px|Sample image]]
|Developer = Game developer
|Publisher = The company's name
|Designer = The designer's name
|Composer = The composer's name
|Released = Year (e.g. [[:Category:1986|1986]])
|Platform = e.g. [[Commodore 64]]
|Genre = e.g. Racing game
|Gamemode = Single-player, Multiplayer
|Download = Game download
|Information = Additional information
|Publication = Publication
|Score = Score
|Publication2 = Publication2
|Score2 = Score2
|Publication3 = Publication3
|Score3 = Score3
|Publication4 = Publication4
|Score4 = Score4
|Publication5 = Publication5
|Score5 = Score5