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Download Bloodfest1.lha (515 KB), Bloodfest2.lha (598 KB) and BloodfestFIX.lha (6 KB). Bloodfest1.lha contains the first disk, and Bloodfest2.lha the second. BloodfestFIX.lha is also needed to make the game work.

BloodFest v22 for Amiga (LHA). This game is also available in ADF format.

File Summary

File BloodFest
Version 22
File size 1.09 MB
Release date October 29
Release year 1995
Type Video game
Platform Amiga
License [[:Finnish games:|]]

Game Summary

Developer Mellow Chips
Publisher Mellow Chips
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre RPG
Subgenre Action RPG
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article BloodFest
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BloodFest Gameplay screen.png
BloodFest Title screen.png

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Bloodfest V22 (29.10.1995)

General info & history

Bloodfest V19 was Mellow Chips´ contribution to the Amiga Format AMOS
programming competition. It was made during the spring -95 under
high pressure. Written using AMOS Professional and compiled
using Amos Pro Compiler.

Version V20 was a later update.
The main differences between versions V19 and V20 were:
 * only 3 disks instead of 4 because of the new packing routines
 * faster loading speed
 * some spelling mistakes fixed in the game and in this readme file

Version V22 (this one) has even better compression routines
than the V20 and therefore the game has only 2 disks. The compression
was achieved using Turbo Imploder routines by P.Struijk & A.Brouver.
Some minor bugs were also splatted.


   This version may be copied but no money may be charged!
   PD firms should contact us if they want to include this game
   in their libraries! Address later...

   Aminet has rights to release this game on Aminet CD.


System requirements

This game needs lots of chip ram because of the heavy load of graphics and
sound effects. It has been tested on A1200 (2 megs of chip ram) and
it works fine. It may work on B2000 and other models with 1 megabyte of
chip ram and with some fast ram, but due to the limited time we haven't
tested it throughly. Worth trying though!

Harddisc is not neccessarily needed but very recommended.


Unpack the lha files on two disks. Bloodfest1.lha should be
extracted to a disk labeled Bloodfest1 and Bloodfest2.lha
on Bloodfest2.

If you're going to play this game on floppies, you should also
format a disk and label it 'BloodfestSave'. When you decide
to save your game click on the disk icon in the game panel
and follow the instructions on the screen.

Harddisk installation

This is very easy. Just copy all the files from the disks to
any directory in your hd. No assigns are needed. Click on the
icon to start the game.

Copyright & distribution

This game is *NOT* PD, Freeware or such.

Bloodfest code           (C) 1995 Petri Häkkinen
Bloodfest graphics       (C) 1995 Tomas Björnfot, Jari Jokivuori
Bloodfest title music    (C) 1995 Mikko Kallinen
AMOS Professional,       (C) Europress Software Ltd.
AMOS Pro Compiler

Turbo Imploder by P.Struijk & A.Brouver.

This production may not be sold, reproduced or changed in any way
without a written permission from Mellow Chips. So, you can copy it to
your friend or upload it into a BBS but remember: do *not* charge
any money out of it! Aminet has rights to release this game on
their Aminet CD.

Offers from software houses, magazines and PD libraries
are very welcome to the following address:

Petri Häkkinen
Roan*** 17
95*** Kiviranta

Or E-mail to: mystic@tlti.*****.fi (not checked in the summertime!)

If you think this game is good and want to encourage us or speed up
our work, we would appreciate if you could send us any amount of money
with your comments.
Please send your bug reports, criticism etc. to the same address too.


Mouse controls are self-evident, so only keyboard controls are
explained here briefly...

RETURN - FIRE/USE/STAB - depending on your current item

                                              NUMERIC KEYBOARD

        ______ ______                    turn _  _____|_____  _ turn
 turn- |Del   |Help  |-turn              left  \|   |   |   |/  right
 left  |______|______| right                    | 7 | 8 | 9 |
            ____                       move     |   |   |   | move
           | /\ |-forward              lateraly-| 4 | 5 | 6 |-lateraly
           |    |                      left     |___|___|___| right
  move  ---|----|---  move                      |     |     |
  lat.-|   |    |   |-lat.                        backwards
  left |_<_|_\/_|_>_| right

Other products from Mellow Chips

* Pucman Worlds  (aminet/game/misc)
* MachoKillers   (aminet/game/shoot)
* ZhandulinHelmi (aminet/game/role)

Coming (soon?)

* Helmen Valtakunta (=Zhandulin Helmi II)
* Pucman the Sequel
* Endless Adventure RPG

Hellos & Thanks

Greetings to:
* Embassy & Artificial People & Cirion

Thanks to:
* Martin "MagicWB" Huttenloher for the font.
* Mikko Kallinen for the music.
* Chris Hodges for the best AMOS extension ever, AMCAF!
* Persons on the amoslist who commented on my previous games

Gameplay animation

Gameplay animation of BloodFest.

BloodFest animation.gif

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