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Demons of Dex - Eino's Quest is a roguelike for the unexpanded VIC-20.

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File Demons of Dex
Version 1
File size 4 KB
Release date September 26
Release year 2015
Type Video game
Platform VIC-20
Requirements Unexpanded VIC-20, PAL recommended (music is offtune on NTSC!)
License [[:Finnish games:|]]

Game Summary

Developer Petri Häkkinen
Publisher Petri Häkkinen
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre RPG
Subgenre Roguelike
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Demons of Dex
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Demons of Dex Gameplay screen.png
Demons of Dex Title screen.png

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Demons of Dex - Eino's Quest

A roguelike for the unexpanded VIC-20
Copyright (C) 2015 Petri Häkkinen

You are Eino, a member of the druids. Your master,
the arch druid has become old and it is time for
somebody to replace him. As a young initiate you
are sent to dungeon Dex, a mysterious labyrinth
home to vile creatures. You must enter the dungeon
alone and defeat three demon lords within. Only
then can you achieve enlightenment and ascend to
become the next arch druid.

Good luck!

How to play?

Use W,A,S,D keys to move. Attack by walking on
enemies. Items are automatically picked up when
you walk on them.

Items that you have picked up can be used by
pressing the following keys:

F1 - use potion
F3 - use gem (F2 in the Javascript version)
F5 - use scroll (F3 in the Javascript version)
F7 - use ankh (F4 in the Javascript version)
Z - use staff

What do the symbols on the screen mean?

@ Eino (that's you!)
> Stairs to next level
! Potion
? Scroll
+ Door

Monsters are depicted by letters. There are also
other symbols not listed here, find out yourselves
what they are!

Treasures of Dex

During your adventure you may find treasures which
can be used by pressing a key. Some of them are
dropped by monsters, some you will have to find!

Potion (F1): These are depicted by red '!' symbols.
Drink a potion to heal your wounds by pressing F1.

Gem (F3): These rare precious stones have magical
powers. If you are lucky to find a gem (depicted
by a green diamond symbol), you can use its
magical powers by pressing F3 (F2 on Javascript
emulator version).

Scroll (F5): The scrolls with arcane words written
on them have been created by evil mages lurking in
the deepest chambers of Dex. A scroll looks like a
purple '?' symbol on the screen. You can unleash
the spells stored in them by pressing F5 (F3 on
Javascript emulator version).

Ankh (F7): The demons of Dex have stolen the holy
ankhs of the circle. The ankhs are really rare,
but if you manage to recover one, you can unleash
its destructive powers by pressing F7 (F4 on
Javascript emulator version).

Staff (Z): Only the one possessing this magical
artifact can become the new arch druid. It is a
truly powerful item and you may use its powers by
pressing the Z key. Beware, even its powers may
be limited.


Your score increases when you do one of the

+10 for each monster defeated.
+100 for each item found.
+1000 for each demon banished.

Leveling up

When you defeat enemies you will get experience
points. After a certain amount of experience
points Eino will level up. As this happens Eino's
health will be replenished. Your maximum health
capacity will also gradually expand as you gain


Programming: Petri Häkkinen
Music: Mikko Kallinen
Beta testing: Erik Salmi

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