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Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game, which currently runs in Windows, DOS and Linux.

This file contains the Windows version of the game. You can download the DOS version here.

File Summary

File Iter Vehemens ad Necem
Version 0.5
File size 1.33 MB
Release date December 10
Release year 2004
Type Video game
Platform Windows
Requirements Pentium 266 MHz, 48 Megs of RAM, Windows 9x/ME/XP/2000
License GNU General Public License

Game Summary

Developer Timo Kiviluoto
Publisher Timo Kiviluoto
Original release date December 10
Original release year 2001
Genre RPG
Subgenre Roguelike
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article Iter Vehemens ad Necem


Iter Vehemens ad Necem Gameplay screen.png
Iter Vehemens ad Necem Main menu.png

[[{{{More screenshots}}}|More screenshots]]





Iter Vehems ad Necem v0.50

For news and updates view our homepage at


1. Description

2. System requirements

3. General gameplay

4. FAQ


1. Description

Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game, which currently
runs in Windows, DOS and Linux. It features advanced bodypart and material
handling, multi-colored lighting and, above all, deep gameplay.


2. System requirements

We recommend that you use at least a:

   Pentium 266 MHz
   48 Megs of RAM

   Windows 9x/ME/XP/2000 (at least)


   Vesa 2.0 compatible video card

   Linux with 
   (SDL library version 1.2.0 or higher)


3. General gameplay

IVAN works pretty much in the same way as other roguelikes. The player
controls a character, which moves and attacks from the direction keys.
All other commands can be found by pressing ?-key in the game.

Additional help can be obtained from the offical site at


4. FAQ

Q: What does "Iter Vehemens ad Necem" mean?

A: It's latin and means a "Violent Road to Death". For most players, that's
   a perfect description of the typical game.

Q: Why can't I make multiple saves and why is my save deleted when I die?

A: Like the creators of other roguelikes, we think this makes gaming much
   more exciting, since you must take full responsibility of all your
   actions. You have only one chance to live or die. Also, we agree that
   "normal" saveloading is OK for games which remain the same in all gaming
   sessions, since in these you are not meant to really die as replaying
   everything in exactly the same way would be annoying. But the same does
   not apply to games with a multitude of random areas and events like IVAN;
   the whole fun is trying again and again in everchanging environment,
   encountering stranger and more complex situations and becoming better 
   and better in tackling them.

Q: Can't you reconsider your opinion about saveloading?

A: No. There are the two things we swore never to do when starting the
   project: discarding permadeath and making IVAN a 3D action game. Don't
   bother us about this question anymore.

Q: Not even as an "easy" game option? Pretty please?

A: Shut up.

Q: What do these strange markings like Dex, Agi mean in the right sidebar?

   AStr = Arm Strength - Increases damage inflicted on enemies
   LStr = Leg Strength - Increases carrying capacity and kicking damage
   Dex = Dexterity - Increases accuracy and hit speed
   Agi = Agility - Increase movement speed and ability to dodge attacks
   End = Endurance - Increases maximum health points and healing rate
   Per = Perception - Increases sight range and accuracy
   Int = Intelligence - Increases your ability to read and use magic
   Wis = Wisdom - Increases your ability to deal with gods
   Cha = Charisma - Improves your ability to negotiate and make deals

   If there are two numbers visible after these the first is the attribute
   after bonuses and penalties obtained from your equipment or some other
   temporary reason. The second number shows the base attribute without the
   said modifications. If there is no net-bonus or net-minus, only the base
   attribute is shown.

   If the first number is green, then it has increased a short while ago and 
   if it is red it has decreased.

   Siz = Size or height, in cm - Increases your enemies' chance to hit you
   HP = Health Points - The sum of your bodyparts' HPs
   Gold = The amount of money you have
   Day & Time = The amount of absolute game time you have spent in this game
   Turn = The turns (commands which take time) you have used in this game

Q: I had 20 HPs, but I still died. Is this a bug?

A: No, this is not a bug. You will die (at least in human-form) if the HPs
   of your groin, torso or head reach 0.

Q: Why do I always miss spiders with my trusty iron mace?

A: Mace is far too big for hitting small creatures. Do you really kill
   spiders with such enormous objects in real life?

Q: What do marks like L+, C-- mean in the pray menu?

A: All gods have a property that tells whether they are supporters of Law
   or Chaos or if they are Neutral. This is however too general description
   so the plusses and minuses tell of slight differences between the gods.
   Eg Valpurus has the letters L++ this means that Valpurus is extremely
   lawful, when Sophos has the letters L-, which in turn means that Sophos
   is lawful, but still leaning a bit towards neutrality and even chaos.

Q: I just lost a leg. How do I get it back?

A: Certain gods, potions and special characters may help you.

Q: How is score calculated?

A: First the kills of the player and his pets are merged to a single
   list. Then for every monster type, the score is calculated with the
   following formula

   Score = sqrt(a) * b * b

   sqrt(a) = Square root of the number of killed monsters of this type
   b = Sum of the attributes of a typical monster of this type

   The individual scores of the monster types are then added together.
   You also get a high bonus for winning, depending on your victory type
   (the score is multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5).

Q: Why does time pass so fast in the game?

A: Who has said the a day is as long in IVAN's world as on earth?

Q: How can I compile IVAN source code?


Q: I am a Linux user. Why can't I access the wizard (cheat) mode?

A: The wizard mode functions aren't compiled by default. In Linux change
   the environment variable CXXFLAGS to -DWIZARD and recompile.

Q: I am a DOS user. When I try to run IVAN, I get the message "Load error:
   no DPMI - Get csdpmi*".

   The DOS binary is compiled using DJGPP, so you need a DPMI server to run
   it. One should have been provided along with IVAN, but if that's not the
   case, download it from

Q: I've found a bug. What should I do?

A: Write a small description on how the bug occured and if possible even
   how we could replicate it, and send this information by email to If you are a SourceForge user, you can
   also report this bug at Ivan's SourceForge project page:

   You should mention your full name so we can credit you at the end of the
   AUTHORS file, if you are the first to discover this bug.

Q: I've got a great idea to make IVAN better! What should I do?

A: Describe the idea to us by sending it to
   or report it at Ivan's SourceForge project page (see above). You will be
   credited if we implement the feature, it's non-trivial, and you're first
   to suggest it.

Q: I'm a programmer willing to help you. What should I do?

A: Code and then send us (e-mail:
   your diff. If we like your code we will integrate it to the next
   release. You will of course be credited for your code.

   See .customs.emacs file for the official Ivan C++ Programming




|Iter Vehemens ad Necem credits|


Master Programmer
(implemented most of the bugs)

Timo Kiviluoto

Apprentice Programmer, PR Guy, Porter
(made some of the bugs, but they're
all really features, or OS's fault)

Heikki Sairanen

Head Graphics Designer
(drew all the heads)

Tuukka Virtaperko

|Other people who have helped|

Additional coders

In order of importance

Ilari Kaartinen
Mark Schreiber
Miles Bader
Perttu Luukko
Niko Kosonen

Additional graphics

In order of importance

Vesa Peltonen
Corey Martin

Additional level design

Corey Martin

Authors of the RNG we use

Takuji Nishimura
Makoto Matsumoto

Author of the font we use

Shawn Hargreaves's Allegro, a game programming library

Idea providers and bug hunters

In alphabetical order

Atte Aholainen
Chris Allcock
Brian Angeletti
Laurent Birtz
Christian Harms
Ilari Kaartinen
Wojciech Kaczmarek
Henri Kiviluoto
Thomas Klausner
Niko Kosonen
Perttu Luukko
Corey Martin
Janne Miettinen
Kari Pahula
Vesa Peltonen
Will Riley
Renne Sairanen
Norvell Spearman
Konstantin Stupnik


Version 0.50

- fluids can now cover items and characters and interact with them
- items made of iron alloys can now rust
- added directional light and day and night which use it
- added some cosmetical weather effects
- New Attnam has now many new NPCs, for instance a sumo wrestler who
  can be challenged
- polymorph control is now more interesting; you need to see a monster
  once before you can polymorph into it, and more powerful ones require
  more intelligence
- added wands of acid rain, mirroring and necromancy
- added scrolls of detect material, harden material and golem creation
- added several new monsters, eg. powerful named archangels for each god
  and necromancers who raise skeletons and zombies to do their bidding
- one can now give pets tactical commands, change their equipment and
  use them to carry extra stuff (these are accessed using 'C'hat and
  'I'ssue commands keys)
- the player can now panic if he gets hit too much, like the monsters
  have done in previous versions
- the player can now become exhausted if he fights for too long and/or
  uses the new r'u'n command too much
- spiders are now able to make webs
- you can now get stuck to slime
- badly hurt/trapped bodyparts now become unusable until they regain
  some HP/become untrapped
- it is now possible to browse detailed death reasons of individual
  monsters in the postgame massacre lists
- added many new informative graphical details, for instance recently
  altered attributes are shown with a different color for some time
- gloomy cave is now longer and has more special levels and rooms
- all the endgame battles are more complex
- added leprosy, a nasty disease which causes your limbs to drop off

Version 0.430

- certain monsters and their corpses are now larger than one square
- thirteen new monsters added, including electric hattifatteners and
  reproducing rabbits
- monsters with high enough intelligence now use much more advanced
  pathfinding methods
- a very unique side branch added to the underwater tunnel
- added an alternative keyboard layout to ease playing on some laptops
- score system simplified

Version 0.420

- you can now find a level where you died in a former game (a bonefile)
- added one new monster, a few items and several materials
- the player's and monsters' representations on the game screen now depend
  on what they wield
- added many new monster animations
- corrected many balancing problems, especially with magical mushrooms
- corrected several fatal bugs
- corrected some memory leaks
- the game's compile speed increased greatly
- lots of monster AI and graphics routine optimizations

Version 0.410

- added smoke effects
- added eleven new monsters
- added several new animations
- user interface tweaks
- removed all assembler code
- the player's representation on the game screen now depends on his armor
- added search command and searching state which can detect traps
- a list of killed monsters is now displayed when the game ends
- breaking wands now all have unique effects
- dipping to corpses is again possible

Version 0.401

- added lightning effects
- added several new artifact and regular weapons
- added floating eye
- it is now much easier to gather nutrition
- many abuses prohibited
- explosions are now stopped by walls
- corrected a fatal bug in the door breaking code
- corrected many non-fatal bugs
- decreased IVAN's RAM usage greatly
- doubled IVAN's compile speed

Version 0.40

- bodyparts added
- animations added
- multi-colored lights added
- carnivorous plants, lion, buffalo, snake, orc and many other monsters added
- added unique monsters
- added modified versions of old and new monsters
- enlarged the quest by one new dungeon and one new village
- tripled the amount of items
- added many equipable items (gauntlets, boots, cloaks etc)

Version 0.311

- a few fatal bugs fixed
- some non-fatal bugs fixed
- lots of optimization

Version 0.310

Added stuff after version 0.301:

- Linux and DOS ports
- fountain effects
- starting pet
- the first dungeon shop
- mammoth, unicorn, kamikaze dwarf and genie
- magic lamp, jewels, holy book, scroll of charging
- explosions
- doors can be locked and they can be broken by kicking
- graphical effects for wand beams
- dolphins have more living space
- danger levels and alignments added to the panel
- processor loads decreased
- ergonomic tweaks, e.g. with go, rest and look commands

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