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Download SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.8 (242 MB)

SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.8 for Windows

File Summary

File SCP - Containment Breach
Version 1.3.8
File size 242 MB
Release date June 6
Release year 2017
Type Video game
Platform Windows
License Creative Commons

Game Summary

Developer Joonas Rikkonen
Publisher Joonas Rikkonen
Original release date
Original release year 2012
Genre Action-adventure
Subgenre Survival horror
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article SCP - Containment Breach


SCP Containment Breach Gameplay screen.jpg
SCP Containment Breach Main menu.jpg

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**************************    SCP - CONTAINMENT BREACH   **************************


				   VERSION 1.3.8

The game is based on the works of the SCP Foundation community (
See "Credits.txt" for further details.

This game is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

The source code of the game is available on GitHub:

**** HOW TO RUN IT **************************************

	Run SCP - Containment Breach.exe in the game folder. 
	Select which resolution you want to use and click the LAUNCH-button.

	SCP-CB uses an engine called Blitz3D, and since it's a fairly outdated one,
	you might run into problems when trying to run it on newer systems.

	If you're getting an error such as "Memory Access Violation" or
	"Unable to set graphics mode" when launching the game, try the following:

	- Run the game as administrator
	- Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date
	- Try different resolutions and running the game in full screen
	- Try running the game in different compatibility modes 

**** DEFAULT CONTROLS ***********************************

	WASD				-	Move.
	Space				-	Manual blink.
	Left Shift			-	Sprint.
	Left Control			-	Crouch.
	Tab				-	Toggle inventory.
	F5				-	Save.

	Pick up items and use levers/buttons by left-clicking on them.

	Use items by double left-clicking them in the inventory.

	You can drop items by clicking and dragging them out of their inventory slot.

	You can combine certain items by dragging an item into the another inventory slot.



- The barrel in SCP-008's containment chamber now displays an arrow to indicate
  that the canister needs to be pulled down.
- The player now gets infected by SCP-008 if they get close to SCP-008's canister
  while bleeding and not wearing the hazmat suit.
- Swapped the SCP-914 outcomes for the Night Vision Goggles on "Fine" and "Very
- MTF Units now kill the SCP-008 zombie if they encounter it.
- Revamped the guard animations (by Apocryphos).
- Added custom resolution selection for the map creator.
- You can't use some items anymore when you wear certain items (for example, you
  can't drink anything if you wear a gas mask).
- The startup video will now be played using a library called BlitzMovie rather
  than DirectMovie.
- You can now save at the Gate-B entrance.
- Removed unused animation from SCP-966's model.
- Optimized SCP-966's animation key frames.
- Tweaked SCP-914 key card refinery system again.
- Added Third Subvision Studio startup screen.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash that occured while quick-loading a save file.
- The SCP-008 cutscene no longer triggers if the player turns into a SCP-049-2
- The SCP-008 infected cutscene no longer triggers if the player is in SCP-860-1
  or the pocket dimension.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up more items after the
  inventory had previously been full.
- Fixed a bug that caused SCP-173 to break the glass in SCP-008's chamber when
  it is not inside the room.
- Fixed the severed hand remaining selected after using it on a DNA scanner.
- Fixed the CCTV monitor in SCP-106's containment chamber not rendering at all.
- Fixed a bug that caused multiple decals to spawn during the suicide guard event
  in the restrooms.
- Fixed the slider for the map creator, so that all rooms will be displayed.
- The player can't save when dead.
- Closing the loading screen by left clicking doesn't open/close nearby doors
- SCP-173's collision radius has been decreased.
- Fixed a crash that occured when opening your inventory.
- The fog doesn't turn white anymore if you go to the pocket dimension by leaving
- Fixed items,npcs and the player falling through the floor if the room is not
- Fixed the item dropspeed increasing each time an item has been picked up.
- Another attempt of fixing room overlapping issues.
- Fixed Ulgrin's path during the breach event.
- Fixed the levers in the electrical center: Now they can't be flipped into the
  control panel anymore.

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