International Karate +

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International Karate +
Loading screen
Developer System 3
Publisher System 3
Designer Archer MacLean
Composer Rob Hubbard
Released 1987
Platform Amiga, Amiga CD32, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Virtual Console, ZX Spectrum
Genre Fighting
Gamemode Single-player, Multiplayer
User rating
Current user rating: 92/100 (1 votes)

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International Karate + or as it is more commonly known IK+ is a 1987 Commodore 64 game released by System 3. The game is a sequel to the 1985 game which was simply titled International Karate (and was featured in the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Bloodsport) International Karate + is regarded as one of the best fighting games on the Commodore 64. An interesting bit of trivia about this game is that in the USA the game is known by the name Chop N' Drop.


This is a great looking game it is easily on par with many of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System games of that era. Each of the three fighters looks amazing, but the real star of the games presentation has to be the drop dead gorgeous background. Even to this day it is really impressive to look at. If that was not enough the game moves very well and the animation of the various different karate moves is incredibly well done.

White wins


What makes this game so fondly remembered is the gameplay. The original International Karate would have you facing off against another karate fighter, but this game shakes things up a bit by making you fight two other karate fighters at once. You have an incredible 14 different karate moves at your disposal. You do them with combinations of the joystick and the fire button and as the control is so great it is actually possible to purposeful pull of specific moves. No other fighting game of this era had such a sophisticated fighting system and remember the Commodore 64 did all this with just one button.

The idea of the game is that you need to score six points. You get a point by knocking down one of the opponents with a kick or a punch. You get a point if you do so, but if you can do a good knockout then you are rewarded with an extra point. The idea is that you need to score six points before the time limit runs out. The player with the least amount of points is eliminated. If no one scores six points then the two fighters with the highest points will progress to the next round. Just like in real karate you move up levels by fighting for different belts all the way up to black. The game does get really tough and there is a great deal of skill required for the later levels. There is even a fun bonus round that sees you have to use a shield to keep a ball away. This is a great way to improve your high score.

One pretty amazing thing about International Karate + is the way that you can slightly modify the game. For example by using the number keys you can alter the speed of the game from speed 1-5. You can even change background details like this sun for example. The game is also known for the "cheat" that makes the karate fighters pants fall down.

International Karate + really is the best fighting game of this era. There honestly is not a better fighting game that was on either the more powerful Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System. If you have a Commodore 64 then this is a game that simply needs to be in your collection.



Joystick Fire button not pressed Fire button pressed
Left IK Plus Walk.png IK Plus Block.png Walk backwards (or block) IK Plus Back flip.png Back flip
Right IK Plus Walk.png Walk forwards IK Plus Stomach kick.png Stomach kick
Up IK Plus Jump upwards.png Jump upwards IK Plus Flying leap kick.png Flying leap kick
Down IK Plus Footsweep kick.png Footsweep kick IK Plus Reverse footsweep.png Reverse footsweep (and turn around)
Up-left IK Plus Reverse face punch.png Reverse face punch (and turn around) IK Plus Double face kick.png Double face kick
Up-right IK Plus Front face punch.png Front face punch IK Plus Head butt.png Head butt
Down-left IK Plus Crouching stomach punch.png Crouching stomach punch IK Plus Back face kick.png Back face kick (and turn around)
Down-right IK Plus Shin kick.png Shin kick IK Plus High face kick.png High face kick


Screenshot Amiga Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum
Title screen IK Plus (Amiga) Title screen.png IK Plus (C64) Loading screen.png IK Plus (Spectrum) Loading screen.png
The fight begins IK Plus (Amiga) The fight begins.png IK Plus (C64) The fight begins.png IK Plus (Spectrum) The fight begins.png
Knocked the opponent down IK Plus (Amiga) Knocked the blue fighter down.png IK Plus (C64) Knocked the blue fighter down.png IK Plus (Spectrum) Knocked the grey fighter down.png
Bonus round IK Plus (Amiga) Bonus round.png IK Plus (C64) Bonus round.png IK Plus (Spectrum) Bonus round.png


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