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Jukka Tapanimäki was one of the most well-known Commodore 64 game developers. Triosoft bought the rights for Aikaetsivä but it was never published. Tapanimäki’s first commercial success came with Octapolis, which was a blend of shooting and platform jumping. When developing Netherworld, he started to pay attention to the design of the game, and the end product was a unique game of cave flying that borrowed ideas from Boulder Dash. Netherworld will also be remembered by its cover, which was of Tapanimäki’s face that has been photographed and put on the case, all without his knowledge. Tapanimäki’s third game Zamzara was meant to be a game similar to Mission Impossible, but ended up as an action shooting game by the demand from Hewson. The final game that he developed for the C64 was Moonfall, published in 1991.


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