Title screen of the game
Developer Stavros Fasoulas
Publisher Thalamus Ltd
Designer Stavros Fasoulas
Released 1987
Platform Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, TRS-80 CoCo
Genre Puzzle-Solving
Gamemode Single-player
User rating
Current user rating: 88/100 (1 votes)

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Publication Score
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Quedex is a very interesting game in the Commodore 64 library. The game was first released in 1987 and was the brain child of the very talented Stavros Fasoulas. Now he is a game designer that is pretty well known for his shooters like Sanxion and Delta. So I am sure that you are thinking Quedex follows this trend. Well actually Quedex is a puzzle game and not a shooter!


Quedex sees you the player taking control of a small metal ball. The idea of the game is that you need to guide the ball to the exit of each level. Now this is much easier said than done as there are a vast amount of obstacles that you need to overcome. One thing that you may be surprised to hear about this game is just how good it looks. The game has many different levels, and each one has its own design and art style.

Level one is a simple level

Quedex has ten different levels or as the game calls them planes. One really interesting thing about the game is that you can play the levels in any order that you want. The best and proper way to beat the game of course is to go through it from level one up to ten, but if there is a level that is giving you a great deal of trouble then it's pretty cool how you can skip it, and come back to it later. This was a very unusual thing to let the layer pick the order they played the levels in. It was not really until the Mega Man games that this became a somewhat popular feature, but many people fail to realise that this game on the Commodore 64 also allowed players to do this.

Each of the ten different levels in the game has its own unique feel to it. Level one is really a simple level that is kind of like a tutorial in that its easy to get the ball to the goal. Level two is much more complex in that you need to find keys to open doorways in order to get to the goal. Level three requires you to find four amulets to make the goal appear, but walls and electric seas will randomly appear to make things harder. Level four is all downhill with a strict timer you can only move left or right and need to have quick reflexes to avoid the hazards. Level five is very puzzle oriented in that you need to change the colours of the tiles you roll over until they make a specific pattern. Level six sees you finding ability tokens, and having to navigate through pipes. Level seven is a tricky test of skill as you carefully need to navigate the maze while avoiding the walls. Level eight sees the floor disappearing as you play so you need to move fast. Level nine sees you turning blue and having the ability to break through walls. And the last level see you need to use stepping stones and use all the skills you have learned in the game to reach the goal.

As you can see each of the ten levels is very different to the others. This makes the game just so much fun to play, and the fact if you're having a tough time you can just jump to another level (except in level 7) is pretty cool. This is a really fun puzzle game, and one of the more under rated games on the Commodore 64.


Game controls

Function Amiga Commodore 64 PC/Compatibles
Roll Joystick Joystick (port 2) Joystick or keys
Jump Fire button Fire button Spacebar or fire button
Pause game Press P Run/Stop -
Toggle music on and off - - Press M
Return to opening screens
(within a plane)
ESC Run/Stop then T ESC
Display designer screen
(from opening screens)
F7 F7 -
List of key commands Help - -


Screenshot Amiga Commodore 64
Title screen Mindroll (Amiga) Title screen.png Quedex Title screen.png
Choose plane Mindroll (Amiga) Select plane.png Quedex Choose plane.png
Plane 2 Mindroll (Amiga) Plane 2.png Quedex Plane 2.png
Plane 4 Mindroll (Amiga) Plane 4.png Quedex Plane 4.png
Plane 10 Mindroll (Amiga) Plane 10.png Quedex Plane 10.png

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