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   <div class="homeBoxBorder">
   <div class="homeBoxBorder">
   <div class="homeBoxTitle"><p style="margin:2px;">'''Tweets''' by [https://twitter.com/ZakVideoGames @ZakVideoGames]</p></div>
   <div class="homeBoxTitle"><p style="margin:2px;">'''Tweets''' [https://twitter.com/ZakVideoGames @ZakVideoGames]</p></div>
   <div class="homeBoxContent bgLightGray"><p><ShoogleTweet limit="4">ZakVideoGames</ShoogleTweet></p></div>
   <div class="homeBoxContent bgLightGray"><p><ShoogleTweet limit="4">ZakVideoGames</ShoogleTweet></p></div>

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I am sure that at a glance many people are thinking the title of this game Painterboy is a simple typo and the game we are going to be talking about is the classic Paperboy. Well while Paperboy is a great game. What we are actually talking about today is a very interesting and unusual Commodore 64 game from Finland. Read more....

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