The Settlers

The Settlers
Title screen
Developer Blue Byte Software
Publisher Blue Byte Software
Designer Volker Wertich
Composer Haiko Ruttmann,
Markus Kludzuweit
Released 1993
Platform Amiga, DOS
Genre Real-time strategy
Gamemode Single-player, Multiplayer
User rating
Current user rating: 90/100 (1 votes)

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Publication Score
MikroBitti 94/100[1]
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One of the major desires of any person is to become a leader in life, so being able to receive such a power, be it even in a simple video game is great. The Settlers was one of the first games that allowed you to create your own medieval settlement in any way you wanted, without any restrictions.


What makes this game a cult hit is that everything is at your fingertips and you are the one that actually controlled the life of the villagers. In addition to that, each person that lives in your medieval town has a certain job.

The game is comprised of six tutorial levels that teach you all the ins and outs when it comes to creating and nurturing your settlement and, after that, you have the ability to test your might in one of the 30 missions that are available. Each one increases in difficulty and will be performed against an AI opponent. If you don't like this type of mission, though, you can choose an open ended game where everything is randomized.

Screenshot from the game

The gameplay is a little complex but you can get used to it as you play. You start with a castle and a handful of settlers. Via the point and click interface you have the ability to build new buildings and create a great economy. You don't have the ability to control the workers by themselves, all you have control over is the building process, goods distribution, manufacturing and, of course, dealing with the enemies that come in your way. There are 24 buildings and 26 different occupations, so you will have your hands full soon enough as you start expanding your castle.

You need to construct roads after placing any building in order to create a good network that brings good transportation. The more roads, the less traffic congestion that the workers will have to face.

The key aspect of the game is to create a good economy yet still have a large army that's good enough to defeat the enemy forces. Successfully combining the two can be a little tricky and that's why a good amount of trial and error will be necessary as you play.

The graphics in this game have a cartoon style, yet they are unique and very appealing. You will love the way the characters look and how detailed the map is, as thins surely brings a lot of the experience. Even if the design is largely composed of hexagons, The Settlers still delivers a wonderful quality.

The Settlers is one of the best strategy games out there and that's easy to see why. Even if it has a slower pace, the graphics, sounds, game mechanics and AI add up into a unique experience that you will want to experience over an over again!


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