Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D
Title screen
Developer id Software (DOS)
Publisher Apogee Software (DOS)
Designer John Romero, Tom Hall
Composer Robert Prince
Released 1992 (DOS)
Platform 3DO, Acorn Archimedes, Apple IIGS, Atari Jaguar, DOS, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Macintosh, PC-98, PlayStation 3, SNES, Xbox 360
Genre First-person shooter
Gamemode Single-player
User rating
Current user rating: 86/100 (1 votes)

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World War II had a large impact on the development of countries, economy and politics, so reminiscences of it can be seen even today. Of course, this important period in human history has influenced numerous video games and by far some of the most important titles to feature this setting is Wolfenstein 3D. This game brings us six different episodes that we can play through, each one with its own set of levels which showcase the Nazi force at its best.


What makes the game really innovative is that each episode has a boss battle at the end of it and, on top of that, it has its own story which is certainly really cool. In Wolfenstein 3D you take the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, an allied spy whose main purpose is to eliminate the Nazi war machine. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in numerous types of mission, each one more frightening than others. In some missions you will have to destroy mutant prototypes, in others you will have to escape from a Nazi labyrinth while in the end you can defeat Hitler himself.

Achtung! Brown guards will receive a dose of lead.

Moreover, what’s really interesting about the game is the fact that you can engage in night time fights as you try to prevent a chemical assault on the allied forces.

The graphics in Wolfenstein 3D are certainly very good as they always seem to impress no matter where you go. The characters aren’t that pixelated and the game world is brimming with details. From statues to mosaics or tables, you can find anything in a room, so there’s always something to impress as you browse through the levels.

You can find numerous objects within a level, and these range from ammo to meals or treasures. All of these have a certain role in the game, because meals will provide health, ammo is needed to defeat your enemies and treasures increase points. Usually you will start with just a pistol and a knife at the beginning of each level, but as you progress you will be able to access other types of weapons as well which include the machine gun and gatling gun.

There are five different types of enemies such as officers, SS troopers, soldiers, dogs and mutants. The latter category is certainly the most difficult because the mutants are really tough and they even have a gun mounted in their chest so facing them is always a challenge.

The gameplay is centered on a limited number of lives, once you lose all of them the game is over. Thankfully, there are some 1-up items scattered inside the levels, you just need to explore them. Alternatively, you will also receive a new life when you add up a certain amount of points, so exploring the levels to find the treasures is very important if you need more lives.

To sum up, Wolfenstein 3D is a monumental FPS game. A lot of people actually see this game and DOOM as being the predecessors of the modern shooters, which definitely tells a lot about the high quality that went into the creation of this game. This title is certainly well worth your time, so we recommend that you give it a shot as you certainly won’t regret it!

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