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Might you be one of those people who like old video games? Then this site is just for you!

The goal of this site

This site called Zak was founded in the year 2014 and it is basically a wiki site with a collection of old video games. There might be a video game you used to play when you were young and are still remembering it in detail and this is in regards to its method of operation. This site will enable you edit it in regards to that specific game you used to play, which is why this site was made for people like you who love old video games and would wish for them to return one day. The goal of this site is to collect information from old video games and a lot of it would be ideal.


In regards to languages, English happens to be the main one and Finnish will act as the second one, which means that a lot of people will find the site friendly to them because of the main language. In countries where English happens to be the main language or where English is easily understood, this site will really be a delight to those people who love old video games in those places. Whereas those who are only all about the Finnish language will also appreciate that they were considered in terms of providing information about old video games in their language.


When it comes to licensing, the content has been made available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International unless otherwise noted. So in the event that you have a lot of information to share on the site regarding old video games, you actually do not need to worry since all the paperwork has been taken care of.

Share your experiences

Since the target audiences are people interested in video games, then the site will prove to be an interesting platform for all those who love old video games, where they will get to share their most fascinating experiences. This site will actually bring together old video game lovers and this is where some will get to know of other old video games that they were not exposed to when they were young. This will actually be a whole new experience for them when they are told of other exciting games and how their mode of operation used to be. The site will go on to bring about old memories and this is in regards to the people you were playing with and the good old times you used to have.

So for all the people out there who believe that they have extensive information regarding old video games, do converge at this site and get to share all the information you might be having. The information collected might go on to help other individuals know more about the old video games that used to exist during those days. A lot of benefits are associated with most video games especially the old ones since they used to sharpen one’s brains.

So bring out all the information you have and we will all have fun!

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