Sami Lehtinen (Zorlim)
Other names Sami Markus Lehtinen (full name)
Zorkku (nickname)
Zorlim (handle)
Birth date July 26, 1976
Birth place Helsinki, Finland
Death date
Residence Helsinki, Finland
Nationality Finland
Known for Pizza Worm

Sami Lehtinen aka Zorlim is remembered from his game Pizza Worm, which was especially popular in the 90s, and it still is one of the best games in the worm-game genre. Zorlim quit developing Arcade Volleyball when he went to the army; the 0.8-beta version is fully playable, but because the computer opponent component wasn’t fully developed, the game has to be played with another player.

Lehtinen has been using the name Zorlim since 1990. In the beginning he used aliases such as Flame, The Eternal Flame, and The Wizard Master, but he didn’t like them enough so he came up with a short and unusual alias. There was a company called Zorin Industries in one of the James Bond movies, and Lehtinen’s role model was Zodiac (Casada), out of which he started twisting a name starting with a Z. The end result was Zorlim.


  • 1994 Pizza Worm (DOS) (download)
  • 1995 Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball (DOS) (download)

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