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Myrkky (magazine)
Founded 1989
Defunct 2008
Products Comics

Myrkky (Poison) was a Finnish magazine known for its toilet humor. It also published more or less questionable games as attachments with its magazines and paperbacks. The games were Windows-compatible and they were in Finnish, but they weren’t all made in Finland.


1997: Acne Attack! and TaMasochisti

Acne Attack!

The first game that the magazine published was called Acne Attack! and it was attached as a disk to the 1/97 special edition of Myrkky. It was also sold separately. The game was made by a Norwegian Norsk Strek AS; Mikael Grahn was responsible for the programming and graphics were made by Frode Øverli. Acne Attack was also published in 8/97 in a Norwegian magazine Pyton, although the name was changed to Kvise-Krise. The disk that came with Myrkky-magazine had the following blurb about the game:

It’s Saturday night and you’re about to go out with Linda Lampenius lookalike. You glance at your reflection on the mirror and realize that there’s a massive zit in the middle of your face. You can do nothing but... squeeze!

Myrkky paperback, which was published the same year, contained TaMasochist, which was a game in which the player had to humiliate and subdue his virtual pet in order to keep him happy. The game’s maker was Anonyymit Masokistit (Anonymous Masochists). The text that came with the disk describes the game with:

A never-before-seen virtual pet – and it’s got diarrhea.

1998: Svenska Spelet and President Evil 1

Myrkky Vitsit 1 (Poison Jokes 1), published in 1998, included the game Svenska Spelet, which is also known as The Swedish Game. The game makes fun of the Swedes by being so simple that you only need to press one button.

Myrkky paperback 7 had a game President Evil 1 in which an alien race Gorghothie has arrived to invade Earth and the aliens all the take appearance of Martti Ahtisaari. The player has to destroy the horrid space zombies’ wave of attack. The disk includes the following short description:

Let the Presidential games begin.

1999: Pera Pervo and Myrkky Romppu

Myrkky Romppu

Published in 1999, the first Myrkky Minikirja (Poison Mini Book) included a game on a disk in which the player goes on an adventure with Pera Pervo. A special edition, also published in 1999, included Myrkky Romppu (Poison CD-ROM) that came with 10 games: The Contraception Game (Ehkäisypeli) is about clicking on sperm, Mosquito Girls (Hyttytytöt) contains a memory game and a game in which you have to smear fur, The Christmas Game (Joulupeli) is about shooting elves, in Kakman you have to fill hallways with poop, “Mato” (“Worm”) is about guiding another kind of worm, in Murkku (Ant) the player has to sit on top of an ant hill, in Myyntimies Mynttisen Myyntiruletti (Salesman Mynttinen’s Sales Roulette) you have to try to sell products to different kinds of people, Sorbus Combat is about fighting with two alcoholics against each other, and TaMasochist is Myrkky’s virtual pet game.

2002: The last games

In 2002, they published a game Jesus Saves the World where you shoot satanic ships. In HYTTYTYTTÖ Screenshaver (Mosquito Girl), the player has to shave the mosquito girl and avoid gooey bacteria. The games were made with Game Maker by a developer names Samson, which is the artistic name for the cartoonist Samuli Lintula who drew cartoons for Myrkky.

List of games

  • 1997 Acne Attack! (Windows) (download)
  • 1997 TaMasochisti (Windows) (download)
  • 1998 President Evil 1 (Windows) (download)
  • 1998 Svenska Spelet / The Swedish Game (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Ehkäisypeli (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Hyttytyttöjen maalailuohjelma (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Hyttytyttöjen muistipeli (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Joulupeli (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Kakman (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 "Mato"-peli (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Murkku (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Myyntimies Mynttisen Myyntiruletti (Windows) (download)
  • 1999 Pera Pervo (Windows)
  • 1999 Sorbus Kombat (Windows) (download)
  • 2002 Jeesus pelastaa maailman (Windows) (download)
  • 2002 HYTTYTYTTÖ-Screenshaver (Windows) (download)


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