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As we entered the 90s, computers had developed better features and game development became more complicated. What once was a single-person task became a team effort. The first domestic game companies Housemarque (which was born when Bloodhouse and Terramarque merged) and Remedy Entertainment both had their roots in the demoscene. Apart from these companies, amateur gamers were industrious in making games. Amiga was still going strong at the beginning of the decade, but started losing its market share after mid-90s to IBM PC-compatible computers.

The 1990s were the golden era of Finnish shareware game development, when especially the cave flying games were popular. Many have great memories of the times when a group of people would squeeze around one single keyboard, trying to master the game and one-up each other. Many engaged in short gaming sessions during school breaks, but even long battles weren’t unheard of. The way to register a shareware game was to send money in an envelope to the developer, after which you’d receive a full version of the game in the mail.


When played on modern computers that ran on Windows OS, Windows games worked without any adjustments. Using a utility program like DOSBox would allow for the computer to run DOS games. DOSBox is very easy to use, and many games could be launched by dragging the game’s start-up file to the DOSBox shortcut. The usual settings that are needed on DOSBox:

  • You can speed up emulation with the key combination CTRL+F12 and slow it down with CTRL+F11.
  • Settings for the sound card: Soundblaster or Soundblaster 16, address=220, irq=7 and dma=1.

More details on using the DOSBox can be found on page DOSBox.

DOS games

Assault Trooper

Assault Trooper is a very good tactical game.
  • Developer: Juha Kauppinen
  • Publisher: Spectrum Pacific Publishing
  • Released: 1996 (initial release)
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Action
  • Gamemode: Single-player
  • Download: v1.2 (full version)
  • Article: Assault Trooper
  • Information: Official website

One of the main things we want to experience when we play a game is something that we simply can’t do in real life. This is exactly what Assault Trooper is giving us the opportunity to do.

Assault Trooper is an isometric shooter that is comprised of around 50 different missions in war locations such as North Korea, Afghanistan and Libya among many others. Your objectives in this game can vary depending on the location, but most of the time you will have to defeat the enemies in an area, gain control over certain documents or rescue hostages from a specific place. All of these integrate seamlessly in creating an authentic, interesting experience that really makes you feel a part of the massive game world. Read more...

Final Sieni

Final Sieni is a humoristic point-collecting game.
  • Developer: Fable Machine
  • Publisher: Fable Machine
  • Released: 1999
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Gamemode: Single-player
  • Download: v1.8 (freeware), Christmas Theme

Fable Machine published a game called Final Sieni in 1999, in which the player is taken to an erroneous mushroom forest. The goal of this humoristic and funny point-collecting game is for the player to collect the good mushrooms that fall from the sky while avoiding the bad ones. In the worst-case scenario, a bad mushroom can kill the player.

Lada: The Ultimate Challenge

Lada - The Ultimate Challenge keeps you going during short gaming sessions.
  • Developer: Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)
  • Publisher: Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)
  • Released: 1996
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Driving
  • Gamemode: Single-player
  • Download: download (freeware)

Cadaver published a game called Lada – The Ultimate Challenge in 1996. The objective of the game is to get behind the wheel of the last Lada in the world and survive the perilous roads of the Ural mountains – which have been taken over by anarchists – to get to the Lada factory and restart the production. After all, the world of the year 2020 would be a better place if the roads were again full of Lada cars. To deal with the crazy drivers on the road, the player can shoot them with the provided machine gun. The player is shown from above, and the game definitely keeps you going during short gaming sessions.

Mine Bombers

The excellent multiplayer facility in the game compensates for the rugged appearance.
  • Developer: Skitso Productions
  • Publisher: Skitso Productions
  • Released: 1995 (initial release)
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Action
  • Gamemode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Download: v3.11 (freeware)
  • Information: Official website

Published by Skitso Productions in 1995, this mine action game was influenced by Bomberman and Boulder Dash. Mine Bombers is best played in the multiplayer mode, but it can also be played in the single-player mode where it contains 15 monster-filled levels. When played in the multiplayer mode, you can have between 2 and 4 players playing at the same time. The game starts after the players have bought equipment of their choosing in the shop. The goal is to collect as many treasures as possible and to try kill the opponents. There are numerous ready-made levels in the game, and you can create new ones with the level editor that’s included in the game.

Pizza Worm

Pizza Worm is one of the best games in the worm-game genre.
  • Developer: Zorlim
  • Publisher: Zorlim
  • Released: 1994
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Action
  • Gamemode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Download: v2.1H (freeware)

Sami "Zorlim" Lehtinen published a game called Pizza Worm in 1994. It is still one of the best games in the worm-game genre even today. The traditional task of eating what’s on the screen is spurred on by nice appearance and cheerful sounds that match the game. The goal is for the player to eat as many pizzas as possible and avoid hitting itself or the wall. Unlike many other similar games, the worm can turn just a little instead of being always forced to do 90-degree turns. There’s also a two-player mode where you can compete against a friend on eating pizzas.

Slicks 'n' Slide

Slicks 'n' Slide is a classic game from the golden era of shareware game development.

Anyone in their twenties or thirties can remember a classic childhood game from the Windows 3.1 and DOS-computers era called Slicks 'n' Slide. The first version of this famous shareware game was published in 1993. The fact that we’re still talking about the game after 22 years is a testament to how successful the game was. Read more...


SpurguX allows for the player to take on the role of an antihero.
  • Developer: Petri Niska
  • Publisher: Petri Niska
  • Released: 1987
  • Platform: DOS
  • Genre: Roguelike
  • Gamemode: Single-player
  • Download: v1.17, v2.24 (freeware)

As the name of the game is to find cognac bottles, we can definitely guess what is to follow. Published in 1987 by Petri Niska, this humoristic rogue-like game called SpurguX allows for the player to take on the role of an antihero and survive the dangers of the streets and a decresing state of intoxication in search of the aforementioned bottle of cognac. According to Niska, the game is based on true events, and anyone who enjoys an alcohol-filled nightlife can believe it to be true. I mean, who hasn’t at one point tried to find the rumored bottle of cognac.

Player (@) needs enough beer (%) and long drinks (&) as well as enough good judgment to survive on the streets. It’s not a good idea to express all your aggressive tendencies at everyone who passes by. The blood alcohol content of the player drops constantly and you can avoid dying from a fatal hangover by drinking (q) alcoholic drinks on a regular basis. These can be found on the street or by buying them from Alko. Money for the purchases can be made by selling items to the antique store or by collecting it from the street ($). You can also get money by mugging old grannies (M), but you might get the police (C) to come after you.

Triplane Turmoil

Triplane Turmoil is a classic that does everything important right.

We’re continuing to look at the golden age of Finnish shareware gaming with the flying classic Triplane Turmoil. Developed by Dodekaedron Software in 1996, the game has been implanted in the minds of the gamers of that era. Read more...

Windows games

Areena 5

Fights that are viewed from above solve Areena 5’s turn-based clashes.
  • Developer: Seppo Suorsa
  • Publisher: Seppo Suorsa
  • Released: 2000 (initial release)
  • Platform: Windows 95 or newer
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Gamemode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Download: v1.21 (freeware)
  • Information: Official website

5th part of the Areena games. The game is about managing a group of gladiators; the fights start in the lowest division and the goal is to advance and win the championship.


GeneRally is one of the best Finnish racing games.
  • Developer: Hannu ja Jukka Räbinä
  • Publisher: Hannu ja Jukka Räbinä
  • Released: 2002 (initial release)
  • Platform: Windows XP or newer
  • Genre: Racing
  • Gamemode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Download: v1.2c (freeware)
  • Information: Official website

GeneRally follows on Slicks ‘n’ Slide’s footsteps by utilizing the same concept with an updated appearance. The graphics are three-dimensional, which allows for track-specific views. Otherwise the appearance and gameplay resemble the older classic. The player can race against time or play against the computer or other players. There can be up to six cars on the track at the same time. New tracks can easily be built with the track editor that’s included in the game, and you can also find unofficial utility programs that help you modify the game.


Kops looks and sounds great.
  • Developer: Jetro Lauha
  • Publisher: Jetro Lauha
  • Released: 1996 (initial release)
  • Platform: Windows
  • Genre: Cave-flying
  • Gamemode: Multiplayer
  • Download: v1.0 (freeware)
  • Information: Official website

A Windows version of a cave flying game that was originally published for the DOS.

Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed

Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed is a typical arcade style shooter.
  • Developer: Error Free Productions
  • Publisher: Error Free Productions
  • Released: 2004
  • Platform: Windows 95 or newer
  • Genre: Action
  • Gamemode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Download: v4.06, v4.08 patch (freeware)

Are you feeling bored and looking for a game that make you feel alive? Check out Tapan Kaikki (Kill 'Em All). This game series by Error Free Productions is focused toward casual gamers, and the latest game in the series, Tapan Kaikki 4: Bloodshed is a real treat for retro gamers. The best part is, the game is completely free. Just download it and you are good to go. Read more...

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