Command & Conquer: Red Alert

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Title screen
Developer Westwood Studios
Publisher Virgin Interactive
Sony Computer Entertainment (PSN)
Designer Adam Isgreen, Erik Yeo, Michael Lightner
Composer Frank Klepacki
Released 1996 (PC)
1997 (PlayStation)
2008 (PSN)
Platform DOS, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Windows
Genre Real-time strategy
Gamemode Single-player, multiplayer
Download Red Alert Installer
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User rating
Current user rating: 92/100 (1 votes)

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When it comes to choosing the best strategy game of the 90’s, many will definitely remember the great and intense gameplay of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. This is by far one of the most interesting and innovative strategy games that have appeared in recent times.


The game is set in an alternate history that is created by Albert Einstein, which creates his Chronosphere device and goes back in time in order to stop Adolf Hitler and his nazi forces. However, with Hitler out of the picture, the US forces need to stop yet another enemy, in the form of the Russians that have expanded a lot more than expected since they conquered China and numerous other countries. Because of these changes, players need to do whatever it takes in order to stop the Russian forces lead by Stalin, otherwise everything will be lost.

As you can see, Command & Conquer: Red Alert has a very intense story with a lots of plot twists, so you will enjoy every action presented here for sure! On top of that, Command & Conquer: Red Alert is widely known for providing live action cutscenes that have been shot with real actors, and this definitely makes the whole experience a lot more immersive.

A pitiful excuse for resistance has blockaded itself in this village. Stalin has decided to make an example of them.


This title received a lot of praise for its interface which many considered as being revolutionary. You had the opportunity to queue commands, design a unit group and even control multiple units at a time. Moreover, the game is very easy to control and it provided you with a great freedom of movement that was unseen until recently.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is also one of the first that offer competitive online play, a very interesting and neat feature that everyone can access at any given time.

The combat in this game is similar to the one you encounter in most games nowadays, since you need to control you units and then select the enemies you need to attack. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses so you need to take all of them into account if you want to get the best results.

As you play, you can purchase structures as well as units and equipment with the help of mining various materials. You can find rare gems, but these are rare and it can be very hard to find them, which is definitely unfortunate to say the least.

Soviet units are more expensive and slower on the battlefield, but they are more powerful, with their weakness being the sea. On the other hand, the allies have a faster infantry and they can even take use of the Chronosphere that can teleport units from one area of the map to the other, a great and fun effect that you will definitely appreciate as you play.

When you play skirmish or online, you can choose to use the nuclear missile silo, a feature that isn’t presented in the campaign.

As you can see, Command & Conquer: Red Alert is a complex, fun and exciting strategy game that has remained in history as one of the most interesting and appealing games that you ever played. Command & Conquer: Red Alert is a wonderful experience to go through, and we recommend you to give it a shot right away, as you will appreciate the high value this game is offering through its intense story and good gameplay!


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