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Title screen
Developer Paul Holmes
Publisher Activision
Designer Paul Holmes
Composer Martin Walker
Released 1991
Platform Amiga, Atari ST
Genre Action-adventure
Gamemode Single-player
User rating
Current user rating: 87/100 (1 votes)

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Hunter may sound like a very generic kind of name for a video game, but the game Hunter which was released for the Amiga way back in 1991 is actually a game that as well as being a great deal of fun was actually pretty cutting edge for its time. It may be hard to imagine now, but back in 1991 people just drooled over screenshots of Hunter in various magazines.


This game was put out by the guys at Activision and really was pretty cutting edge. Yes that is right the same Activision who put out the same Call Of Duty game each year! The presentation of Hunter really is spectacular. The game is huge and is made using polygons. This was very rare for 1991 and even rarer for a game with polygons to look this good.

At the beginning of mission player can collect all the necessary accessories. The logbook shows the locations; Whatever the mission, you will always see the "Allied HQ" and "Allied Stores" items.

Hunter has a very impressive looking world that is full of different kinds of terrains and buildings many of which can be entered. The game is a sandbox game and as crazy as it may sound the closest comparison to a modern game we have is Grand Theft Auto. One really cool thing that seems to hardly ever get mentioned about this game is its 24 hour clock. The game clock follows a real cycle so depending on the time of day you play it you will either be playing during the day or night in the actual game. Stuff like this was very ahead of it time back in 1991.


The game play of Hunter is that of a first person action game. You may think that a game from 1991 would be pretty limited, but Hunter is not just easy on the eyes. It is really fun to play as well. You have a great variety of guns that you can use to take down the bad guys. As well as this there are numerous vehicles that you can get in and tear around the level in. Each of the vehicles handles slightly different and most players will have a preference for some vehicles over others.

The world that Hunter is set in is full of life. There are random people who go around the level as well as the people you are needing to track down, but the game also has animals as well that go around the level. Hunter is a game that is just full to the brim of life and it really is quite staggering at the amount of stuff they were able to put in this game. Another thing that has to be mentioned is the incredible AI in the game. The enemy AI is very aggressive and they will not just stand there waiting for you to find them. In many cases they will jump in a vehicle and come after you.

As far as what you have to do in the game Hunter is a game that will keep you busy for a very long time. It is split into three different game modes. The first mode in the game is your typical action game where you are needed to track down and eliminate this bad ass general. You do this by exploring the level and talking to the various people who you find. You can talk to people and even bribe them to find out where he is. Once you take him down you need to get your but back to headquarters.

Missions mode is really fun where you are given a specific mission that you need to compete in a set amount of time. When you compete the missions you need to go back to headquarters and get a new one. The twist here is that they get harder and harder and the time gets shorter as well.

The last mode to talk about is Action mode. This one is really like a modern sandbox game. You are given a list of enemy targets that you need to take down. It is up to you what the best way to take them down is and in what order. This is really cool and it is very unlike any other game that was around in 1991.

Hunter is a fantastic game and one of the best 3D games that was released on the Amiga. It surprisingly holds up very well to this day. Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 3 really do own a great deal to this game.



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