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Title screen of the game
Developer Teijo Pellinen (coding)
Jani Luomajärvi (graphics and music)
Risto Vuorensola (producer)
Publisher Chart Top Design
Released 1986
Platform Commodore 64
Genre Action, Driving
Gamemode Single-player
User rating
Current user rating: 73/100 (1 votes)

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I am sure that at a glance many people are thinking the title of this game Painterboy is a simple typo and the game we are going to be talking about is the classic Paperboy. Well while Paperboy is a great game. What we are actually talking about today is a very interesting and unusual Commodore 64 game from Finland.


Before we talk about the actual game we have to talk about the back story of Painterboy which is actually really interesting. The game was released in 1986 and it was one of if not the very first game from Finland to have in game advertisements. Actually forget that this whole game was one big advertisement. The only way you could get this game was through mail order from the actual game developer. The game was available on both cassette and disc. With the disc version costing a little bit more. This means that if you want to get a mint copy of the game it can be quite tricky to track down.

House painting in progress. The boy is painting the train station.

Tikkurila is a Finnish paint company who dates back to around 1862. They had these funny commercials on Finnish TV where there was a father and son team of painters. These commercials were pretty popular and were something that many father and sons could relate to. These commercials are the basis for this video game. Well they are more of a cartoon version of the commercials than a direct take on them, but the spirit is certainly there.


The game as far as the presentation goes is actually very well made. It features nice and bright graphics with some nice sound in there as well. The game as you would expect does have the Tikkurila paint logos scattered around, but to be fair it's not really that obnoxious and it's not forced on you. Which considering this is a promotional tie in game is quite surprising.


As far as the game play goes the idea of Painterboy is that you need to paint people's houses. The game play is split into two different sections. Well actually you could maybe argue that the game is split into three. One part of the game will see you needing to buy the appropriate paints that are available to you. The kind of house you are painting will require you to buy a certain type of paint.

Another part of the game sees you hitting the road and driving your paint van to the persons house you need to paint. This is viewed from a top down perspective. This is pretty easy to control and you have a handy little radar so that you never get lost. It's pretty simple, but yet it is still fun. You just need to drive from your office to the persons house and that is really all there is to it. There are hazards that you need to watch out for though. Driving off road, crashing into a building or getting hit by a train will result in you losing one of your three lives.

The main part of the game will see you playing as the son painting houses. You are only required to paint certain parts of the house and you must use the right paint as well. You need to avoid painting the wrong things such as animals. Making a mistake will result in the father yelling at his son which is quite amusing.

In all Painterboy is a very interesting game. If you are a collector it would certainly make a great conversation piece in your collection. And above all else it's actually a pretty fun game to play as well.


The game map


Joystick Driving Painting
Up Accelerator Climbs up the ladder
Down Brake (slows down) Paint the lower part of the house (using the fire button)
Left Turns to the left Walks to the left
Right Turns to the right Walks to the right
Fire Handbrake (quick braking) Paint

Houses and correct paints

Painterboy Pikateho.png
Painterboy Yki-yki.png
Painterboy Vinha.png
Painterboy Valtti Color Extra.png
Valtti Color Extra
Painterboy Tehooljymaali.png
Houses Rautatieasema
Omakotitalo Rantasauna


Painterboy Character Father.png
Painterboy Character Son.png
Painterboy Character Girl.png
Painterboy Character Dog.png
Painterboy Character Bird.png
Master Kirjavainen Apprentice
Girl Dog Bird


Scores Action
5000 Choosing the right paint
1275 Arriving at destination
300 Each painted "pieces"


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Video game review on YouTube.

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