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Dodekaedron Software
Dodekaedron Software Creations logo.png
Industry Software design and manufacturing
Founded June 1996
Defunct December 2008
Headquarters Vantaa, Finland
Products Video games

Dodekaedron Software Creations was a company based in Vantaa between the years 1996 and 2008. It is known for its flying classic Triplane Turmoil, which was developed for DOS. They also had a fantasy cave adventure game Mortis under development, but it was never published, so Triplane Turmoil ended up being the company’s only game.

Dodekaedron is a reference to the English word dodecahedron, and even the company’s logo reflects this word as it has a 12-polyhedron on it. Dodekaedron Software Creations name came from the name of the group making the game, Dodekaedron Squad.

Dodekaedron Squad

Dodekaedron Squad’s logo in the Triplane Turmoil game.

Dodekaedron Squad aka DKS was a group founded in 1993 that made games and demos. It was composed of 8 members in the beginning, but soon the number dropped down to five. The group was missing a graphic designer for a while, but they finally found one through a group conversation on MBNet (BBS).

Official website mentions the names:

  • Teemu J. Takanen (Wraith): C.E.O., Coding, Management, Triplane Project leader
  • Markku Rankala (Dragst): Coding, Sounds, Mortis Project leader
  • Henrikki Merikallio (Havenlock): Graphics

There is also mentioned:

  • Antti Lehtoranta (Lexa): Coding
  • Juha Impivaara (Kryo): Graphics

Readme file of the Triplane Turmoil also mentions:

  • Risto Puhakka (Reeper): Graphics
  • Mikko Kinnunen (Morbid): Graphics


Triplane Turmoil II

The sequel to Triplane Turmoil, Triplane Turmoil II was published in 2006 by Draconus Entertainment. The CEO of Draconus Entertainment is Markku Rankala (Dragst), who had previously been a member of the Dodekaedron Squad.

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