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The Cursed Key for Commodore 64

File Summary

File The Cursed Key
Version 1
File size 171 KB
Release date January 25
Release year 2010
Type Video game
Platform Commodore 64
License Freeware

Game Summary

Developer Joonas Lindberg
Publisher Mad Productions
Original release date
Original release year [[:Finnish games:|]]
Genre Adventure
Subgenre Puzzle
Series [[:Finnish games:|]]
Article The Cursed Key
Website {{{Website}}}


The Cursed Key Gameplay screen.png
The Cursed Key Title screen.png

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How to solve The Cursed Key

The walkthrough, written by
the author of the game.

(C) 2010 Joonas Lindberg


This walkthrough contains all of the steps
needed to complete THE CURSED KEY!
Reading this hint file completely might spoil
your puzzle-solving experience.

You have been warned!

Okay! Now for the solution:

P = Problem
S = Solution

- The bedroom (START) -

P: How to get to the professor's secret

S: You will need THE MYSTERY KEY to unlock
   the closet that leads to the lab.

- The dining room -

P: How to make the table safe for walking,
   so that the main character can walk on

S: You must put something under the foot of
   the table.

   That something is THE LOOSE BRICK.

- The hallway with two doors -

P: How can I get THE CANDLE?

S: It is not lit, so our hero sees no
   reason to pick it up...

   ...unless you have THE MATCHES.

- The cleaning supply room -

P: There's something interesting on the
   top shelf of this room. But... how
   can I reach it?

S: See that hook at the right wall of
   this room? You need something to use
   as a rope to climb onto the shelf above
   the hook.

   THE TOWEL makes a rather good rope.

- The bathroom -

P: How to get onto that shelf up there?

S: You are supposed to come to this room
   through that window up there. See
   description 'Outside the house, ladders
   going to the roof' for more details.

- Downstairs, fireplace room -

P: How can I get THE MATCHES that are
   under the stairs?

S: You need to replace them with THE LOG.

- Downstairs, pool table -

P: How can I enter that room with no door
   handle? And what is the helium tank
   good for?

S: Since the door has no handle, it might
   be a good idea to try THE DOOR HANDLE
   on it.

   If you have THE BALLOON, EMPTY then fill
   it with the tank in this room.

- The laundry room -

P: THE TOWEL is in this room! How can I
   pick it up?

S: THE TOWEL is clean, so you should
   replace it with something that isn't.

   So, go get THE DIRTY SOCKS and replace
   THE TOWEL with them.

- The tool room, with a trapdoor to the attic! -

P: I can't see anything! Is there a way to
   bring light to this room?

S: Yes there is, and it is even required
   if you wish to solve the game. :)

   Make sure you have THE CANDLE when entering
   this room.

P: How do I get THE HAMMER?

S: Some more item exchanging is needed. Replace
   now all yours!

- The kitchen -

P: Looks like something useful can be done to
   the kitchen sink. But what?

S: Heheh! :)
   You could plug THE GARDEN HOSE to it.

   Do it, and a certain room gets flooded with

- Outside the house, ladders going to the roof -

P: There's an open window up there. I suppose
   there's a way to reach it somehow?

S: Correct! And a very imaginative solution
   indeed. :)

   You must fly there with THE BALLOON. Make
   sure it's full of air though, or you'll be
   wasting time here.

- Inside the chimney -

P: There's a part of an axe here! I think I
   know what to do!

S: If you're thinking: "I can fix the broken
   axe with THE AXE HANDLE", then yeps you
   are smart. :)

- The professor's secret laboratory -

P: Look! The most important key of the game
   is here!
   THE ATTIC KEY - aka. The Cursed Key!

   How do I get it from that lamp thingy?

S: Well, firstly you should be able to reach
   that lamp in order to do anything useful
   to it.

   To reach it, you should flood this room
   by plugging THE GARDEN HOSE to the
   kitchen sink.

   Secondly, the key is inside the lamp so
   how to get it? Maybe smashing the lamp
   would be a good idea. So do it with THE

All right man! Now you finally have THE
CURSED KEY in your hands, woohoo! So go
unlock the trapdoor with it, and you have

The Cursed Key!

An arcade-adventure by MAD Productions!

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