Metal Warrior

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Metal Warrior
Loading screen
Developer Covert Bitops
Designer Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)
Composer Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)
Released 1999
Platform Commodore 64
Genre Action, adventure
Gamemode Single-player
Download D64, SRC
Information Improved during 1999-2012
User rating
Current user rating: 81/100 (1 votes)

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Metal Warrior really is an incredibly interesting game. This was first released in 1999 and is totally free to download. It is mind blowing that even now all these years later there are still great games being made for the Commodore 64. Anyway this is no ordinary "home brew" game. Metal Warrior is the first in a four game adventure and shooter series game that if it was released back in the 80's when the Commodore 64 was in its prime would without a shadow of a doubt be a fondly remembered game series now.


The game is set in the future in a time when mankind has gotten really violent. So violent that just walking down the street is likely to result with you getting a bullet in the head. You play the role of a guitarist called Ian. Ian is trying to solve the murder of a hair metal band member. What starts out as Ian trying to find out why this rock star was killed soon turns into something much deeper and deadlier than Ian could have possibly imagined.


The game is very story driven and does feature numerous text boxes that move the story along. One really cool thing is that the game does have these somewhat cinematic scenes as well that move the story along. But the problem I have with them is the text. It is not the writing. As a rock fan I really do get a kick out of the story, but the speed that the text moves at. You better have your eyes fixed in the screen the moment that text first appears or you will miss it. These still though really cool and do look amazing and showcase just how impressive the commodore 64 could be in terms of its graphics. Overall the game is very nice to look at and the animation of Ian and the various enemies is very well done and incredibly fluid. In many ways the way that the characters move does remind me of the game Flashback.


The game play is really solid. This is 2d action and shooting Commodore 64 style at its very finest. As you try to uncover why your friend and fellow rocker was killed you will need to shoot down a variety of bad guys. You do this by getting hold of some really cool weapons and items. Changing weapons can take a little while to get used to, but it is not game breaking or anything like that. It is just a little odd that is all. The game is pretty open and for the most part it will let you pick what level you go to when you get to these road junctions which is pretty cool. Also the game lets you go in all eight directions which is really impressive.

In all Metal Warrior is a really fun game, but it is a little on the easy side. Still it is well worth playing through actually I would say that chances are if you play this and enjoy it you will no doubt want to play the other three games in the series as well.


Joystick2 and key controls
Up Jump/climb/enter
Down Duck/climb/pick
Left Move/turn left
Right Move/turn right
Fire Use weapon
Space Communicate
,. Select weapon
R/S Pause game
S Toggle music/sfx
Q Quit paused game


Video game review on YouTube.

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