Sam & Max Hit the Road

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Sam & Max Hit the Road
Title screen
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts
Designer Sean Clark, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Michael Stemmle
Released 1993
Platform DOS, Macintosh, Windows
Genre Adventure
Gamemode Single-player
User rating
Current user rating: 94/100 (1 votes)

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Publication Score
MikroBitti 93/100[1]
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Adventure games have always been some of the most creative and interesting genres in gaming, but while nowadays they tend to be very realistic, whereas games like Sam & Max Hit the Road were a lot more innovative.


Sam & Max Hit the Road is a graphics adventure game that was released in 1993 and whose main characters are a rabbit and an anthropomorphic dog, both of which are actually talking.

In this game, the two are enrolling into a whole new adventure that places them in a very interesting situation. Here, they are actually trying to solve the case of a missing bigfoot from a carnival. As you advance through the game, you will guide Sam & Max to numerous tourists sites in the whole United States. You can see Sam & Max Hit the Road as being a homage to the beauty of the country.

Sam and Max find the orders from the Commissioner from inside the cute little hypercephalic kitten.


When it comes to the gameplay on its own, Sam & Max Hit the Road is a 2D based adventure game where both characters are controlled via third person. You use Sam to explore the environment and solve a variety of puzzles in order to find the solution. The interface in this game is a simple point and click one.

However, what makes the game very interesting is the fact that all puzzles have logical solutions, which makes it a little hard to think considering the premise of the game. Sam can perform a variety of actions, such as picking up items, talking to characters, walking in an area, looking at objects and so on. The cursor will change automatically depending on the action you can perform with that object.

Sam & Max Hit the Road offers some great and very interesting dialogs that can be seen as the heart and soul of the series. You can easily choose what dialog option to perform from the coveted conversation tree and you can also interact all the time with an inventory system that allows you to solve puzzles a lot easier and faster.

In addition, Sam & Max Hit the Road isn’t a game about violence, instead all the action is fun and all their stories, including this one is filled with humor and exciting things.

Moreover, in Sam & Max Hit the Road you can also find a variety of mini-games as well, which are added as a bonus in order to spruce up the action and increase the overall momentum. The more time you invest in Sam & Max Hit the Road, the higher the number of locations you will be able to visit, and this will provide you with a great insight of the American tourists sites.

All in all, Sam & Max Hit the Road is a very interesting and highly amusing title. It does everything right and it comes with a very fun, satisfying story that you will enjoy for sure. Sam & Max Hit the Road is a classic on its own right, so it’s recommended to check it out, you will like it for sure!


Office and Snuckey's


Getting the string

Gator Golf Emporium

Mystery Vortex

Frog Rock


Costume, portrait and tooth

Savage Jungle Inn

End of the game


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