Assault Trooper

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Assault Trooper
Loading screen
Developer Juha Kauppinen
Publisher Spectrum Pacific Publishing
Designer Juha Kauppinen
Released 1996 (original)
Platform DOS
Genre Action
Gamemode Single-player
Download v1.2 (Full version)
Information Official website
User rating
Current user rating: 83/100 (1 votes)

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Publication Score 8/10[1]
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One of the main things we want to experience when we play a game is something that we simply can’t do in real life. This is exactly what Assault Trooper is giving us the opportunity to do.

Assault Trooper is an isometric shooter that is comprised of around 50 different missions in war locations such as North Korea, Afghanistan and Libya among many others. Your objectives in this game can vary depending on the location, but most of the time you will have to defeat the enemies in an area, gain control over certain documents or rescue hostages from a specific place. All of these integrate seamlessly in creating an authentic, interesting experience that really makes you feel a part of the massive game world.


Graphically the game looks far from impressive, even at its release, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun playing it. The maps are pretty simple and the buildings don’t look that great. The character design however is really nice and you do get into the shoes of your character, as the immersion is there.

A gunfight inside the house


When it comes to the gameplay, most of the missions can be completed by using a stealth approach as you try to reach your objective. Using cover, going through bushes and avoiding enemies is a great, but slower way to finish a level. If you use this approach, you should know that there is even a noise indicator that will show you the direction you heard the noise from so you can head the other way. There’s even a map that shows you the whole layout of the current location, which is really neat.

When it comes to weapons, you can choose fan favorites like the knife or you can go with a trustworthy pistol. There are lots of weapons to choose from so you will certainly find what you are looking for. You do need to keep in mind that there’s a weight limit in regards to how much you can carry so plan efficiently beforehand.

You can’t encounter any sounds other than a few booms and pistol shots, but on the other hand this helps with the immersion so some might forgive the game for not having a decent soundtrack to go with it.

Assault Trooper’s gameplay is really neat because you do play a commando that has a free approach on each mission. You can explore the game at your own pace and approach each mission with your own strategies. If you want, you can even create your own missions thanks to the great, intuitive mission editor that’s really helpful.

In the end, Assault Trooper is a very good tactical game that provides you with a cool gameplay and lots of freedom that you can rarely see in the modern games. Yes, the difficulty might be a little hard at times but it’s adjustable. In addition to that, the intricate style, numerous missions and punishing gameplay at times recommend this title for strategy users that want a challenge!


The commando has limited ability to carry items. The maximum load varies from 15kg to 20kg depending on the difficulty level.

Item Name Using Weight (kg)
Knife-Assault Trooper item.png
Knife close range, ineffective 0.5
Grenade-Assault Trooper item.png
Grenade does quite a mess in a small room 0.5
Pistol-Assault Trooper item.png
Pistol slow and pretty harmless 0.5 + 10bullets/clip
Uzi-Assault Trooper item.png
Uzi very fast 3.0 + 20bullets/clip
M-16-Assault Trooper item.png
M-16 fast, basic choice 4.0 + 30bullets/clip
Shotgun-Assault Trooper item.png
Shotgun hits well but non-automatic 4.0 + 10shells/box
Flamer-Assault Trooper item.png
Flamer burns everything it hits 5.0 + 2.0/fuel
Bazooka-Assault Trooper item.png
Bazooka heavy but very powerful 5.0 + 2.0/rocket
Medikit-Assault Trooper item.png
Medikit heals 25% of max. health 2.0
Explosive-Assault Trooper item.png
Explosive a nice remote detonated blast 1.0
Mine-Assault Trooper item.png
Mine makes your feet history 0.5/4 mines
Kevlar shield-Assault Trooper item.png
Kevlar shield protects from bullets 5.0

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