Kalliolinnan aarre

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Kalliolinnan aarre
Title screen
Developer Tuomas Salste
Publisher T&T-SOFT
Released 1989
Platform Commodore 64
Genre Text adventure
Gamemode Single-player
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Kalliolinnan aarre (The Treasure of Kalliolinna Castle) is a text adventure game made by Tuomas Salste. It was published by T&T-SOFT in 1989 for the Commodore 64 as a cassette and disk. The game is about venturing inside of a labyrinthine castle looking for a lost treasure.

The Story


It was a beautiful spring morning in the year 1732. Antti Jaakonpoika and his two friends stopped to wait by a forest trail. After a while, the King’s messenger showed up, and the three men robbed him and then brutally killed him. Antti and his friends’ haul from the robbery comprised of a pile of priceless diamonds. They hid the booty in the nearby Kalliolinna castle.

Two days went by. A group of soldiers came to get Antti and his friends, and they were sentenced to death for the robbery. The judgment was carried out immediately, as was the custom at that time.

Before his death, Antti was able to tell where he’d hidden the treasures only to a trustworthy elderly man, who then told the story to two people at his deathbed.

Rumors live notoriously long in Finland…


You’re driving through a small countryside village one day, and your age-old car breaks down. You find an old gentleman who is willing to help you. As he’s fixing the car, he tells you interesting stories from olden days. One of the stories is definitely more interesting than the rest.

The gentleman told you that there is a heap of diamonds hidden in a nearby Kalliolinna castle, which had been stolen from the King of Sweden. No one has probably gone to collect them because the castle is so far away from all the roads that no one has even been there since the last war.

You were so convinced that the old guy’s story was true that you decided to go and find the diamonds. You drove back to the nearby town to get a rowing boat, which you managed to drag to the lake and then row to the island.

Now you’re all alone, standing on the bailey. The gate isn’t even locked. You decide to dodge the staff from the National Board of Antiquities because they for sure would confiscate your treasure. Luckily you know someone who will be able to resell your stolen goods.

Can you steal a treasure that has already been stolen?

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